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Underrated: Valken Switch Loader (VSL)

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    Underrated: Valken Switch Loader (VSL)

    I guess this is sort of a review, but I have always really like the Valken Switch. The silly thing is these were made to be "switchable" between .68 and .50 cal but not really sure if anyone ever did that. The shell comes apart in two halves, already has a ramp (not spring loaded like the Virtue ramps) and balances well. It feels so much nicer on the marker than a Spire.

    These things feed super well. Played an event last weekend and literally everyone on the team using Rotors all had issues at the same time. It was bizarre. Everyone was jamming horribly so they were all taking their Rotors apart to clean, change batteries etc. (also issues with space guns and 'cockers but the Emek had zero problems 😀)

    At the end of the night when I tore down the loader to clean it, there were small rocks in the bottom of the tray amongst dirt and dust. But I had zero issues for two days.

    The Valken speed feeds on these are trash, though. Super soft gummy rubber. PBDNA makes one that uses Exalt speed feeds though, so I have one on the way since I don't have a rain lid.

    These pop up every so often for around $50-$60, but are not super common compared to Rotors/Spires. Not sure why, because it performs better than either of those. Rumor is there is a VSL2 on the way.

    Also, this dude's review is spot on. He also compares the functionality, size/weight to the Rotor to give you an idea.

    Feedback 3.0

    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    The Protoyz Speedster has a .50 cal conversion piece/insert, but that loader was released after this one.

    If it works for ya, then go for it! Most loaders these days work just fine & each has their own quirks. I got to use a GI LVL loader a while back & it worked well. It's also not very common. Neither is the HK Army/Pinokio Speed, though I do use one from time to time. I didn't watch that whole review, but if the size/weight is on par with a Rotor then I myself would pass. Been trying to shed gear weight over the past two years.

    Loaders have become like barrel kits- they all work well enough for their application, so it's a matter of preferences at this point. I opt for the Revolution for most applications, the Rotor/LTR for my Etek 5, and the Speedster for hopper ball. Go for whatever works for you.
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      I had one of these and really quite liked it. However, the Spire IR2 is lighter and I find myself using it the most. The one thing I did not like about the VSL was how the top and bottom fit together. There were these tiny gaps in the shell seams from the top and bottom.

      But really for the time that these came out, WAY ahead of all the other companies.


        Yeah, I have one and I have zero complaints with the VSL. I think I paid $50 for mine, way better than a halo or LTR. Plus I actually used the 50cal feature on a rental emek when I got invited to a low-impact birthday party one time.


          I use one too with zero complaints. It keeps up fine with everything from my Mags and Cockers up to my Etha 2. Yeah, the speed feed sucks, but it still works.
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            I've never used a VSL, but we sold a fair number of them at the store. I liked them more than most other offerings. I think what prevented them from entirely taking over was the fact that they just felt cheap. I'm sure they're durable enough, but compared to a Spire or a Rotor, they felt really flimsy. That combined with Valken's track record of "decent but kinda cheap and not the best" really hurt them.