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How Many???

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    How Many???


    How many of one gun is too many? Is there such a thing? Or does it only matter when you can't remember how many of a particular model you have? (I would have to dig, but I have either two or three ICE Panthers... about five Pumas... and multiples of the other ICD mechs. (ICD, not Line SI... but I do have more than one Bushmaster pump.)

    So, how many?

    Un2XS <=== That may be part of the problem

    There is probably a number, but I don't know what it is. I also like having multiple of the same model marker if it's one of my favorites. I'd have twenty Automag RT Classics and at least ten Minimags if I had the money and lack of common sense. I just really love those two models. You sound the same with ICD mechs.


      I had three Shockers, which is probably too many. 1 pf left blade frame 4x4, 1 rf OTB frame s/f, and one vertical feed eclipse shocker with a single trigger frame. I had three automags too left, right, and warp feed. I feel 3 is probably too many of one gun, but it does make some sense when I think about playstyle. When I played on a team as a back player I always went hopper right or hopper left depending on which side of the field I was going to be on, and vertical/warp if I was going to filling in for a front/mid position.

      Anything beyond that and I don't see when I would regularly use it, and the way I see it if something isn't getting used then I probably shouldn't have it. I didn't even remember till I looked at some photos that I used three different shockers because 90% of the time I used the right feed s/f OTB frame. The 90* grip and the ability to do enhanced fire modes, and the dome switch I put in just made it a much nicer feeling gun to me than the others. If I can find my old stuff, the right feed one is probably the only one I will keep, because I can't see when I would use the others.

      I could probably justify keeping a bunch of automags around though, since there are just so many configurations you can have with them, it would seem to be much more life different markers.


        I found a phantom the other day I forgot I had lol

        Im at like 6 or more if you count parts.


        • NONOBLITUS


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          In total There are 7 Phantoms in my gear. We need a Ragnastock Phantom head count. So between you and I thatโ€™s 13.

        • Carp


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          Lol...9 at once is my record for Phantoms. I'm currently at 4 complete markers and some assorted bits, bodies n' stuffs. Not to be added to y'alls head count... ๐Ÿ˜‰

        The answer is always just two more.โ€™s-feedback


          My total numbers of Spyders is just over the three digit mark.

          I passed the "too many" number a long time ago.
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          • scottieb


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            "sounds like you have multiples of every model plus some extra, plus some multiples of extras, plus some more with the addition of a few more and multiples of those."

            What you've said here pretty much sums it up. Most if the Spyders are old and the rest are the mid school years, ie the Imagine line. I do not have any new(er) school Spyders such as the VS, RS, or TS series or the newest Fenix, Pilot, Electra.

          • ChoSanJuan


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            Damn, I thought I went over the mark with my collection (that's primarily Spyder-based!) Wife asked me how many I actually had while on a road trip. I think I was at 37 at that point?

          • scottieb


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            People have said Automags reproduce. I've not seen that on my end. It's Spyders mimicking rabbits for me.

            And recently I've picked up an RSX. That puts me into the new school Spyder club I suppose. Plans are to rob the valve to convert an oldie.

          You always need to keep at least a breeding pair so they can multiply
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            Iโ€™m pretty sure I am north of 100 now.

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              If it's modular or you don't want to swap parts it's worth having a couple around for multiple configurations, like a DF Phantom and a SC Phantom.
              Or if you want an electro & a mech version of something, like cockers or Spyders.
              Or if two paintguns are strikingly similar internally but in different packages, like a Pro Carbine, 98C and an A-5.

              Otherwise, one of each is good enough.
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                i thought 50 was excessive but now im feeling better about my glutton. thank you all.


                  Velcor smiles upon us all.

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                    I have 38 complete markers at my house.

                    At least 14 in mom's attic.

                    At least 7 with Paintballtek.

                    Roughly 10 project builds in various states of chaos.

                    I describe myself as a "casual collector". Recently I have begun selling a few things because it is hard to achieve a state of "uncluttered", if not outright "clean". I feel like I should be chain smoking at an AA meeting. I have friends that really have aluminum issues though. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


                      I only have

                      -11x shoebox Shockers- 3x are non-working parts guns.
                      -3x Gen E Matrices: one is in pieces, all need to be tested.
                      -4x Cockers: 2 Black Magics, an ID Ripper, and 2000 right feed.

                      But hey, I only have one each Automag and Pro Lite.๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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                        I once had 13 of the same gun. I forget which one but it was an old Nelson clone. For me at least that was too many of one gun. But they were all identical. I think the equation changes if there is something a little different about each one.
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                        ... Nish deleted it...

                        Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

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                          I don't care much for collecting 'families', so for me more than one of the same gun feels excessive.
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                          • Chuck E Ducky

                            Chuck E Ducky

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