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Blow you.......

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    Blow you.......

    Away on the paintball field. Hahahahahahaha
    now that I got your attention, I came across this in my area. Says it's a paintball blowgun. I sent a message trying to find more information, make, size of paint and anything else. So far no response.

    Google search only brings up some other blowguns for airsoft, darts and suction cups.
    so any of you come across something like this, think you have lungs to make them fly. Maybe a professional watermelon seed spitter or Louis Armstrong. Hahahahaha
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    Look here:
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      Originally posted by XEMON View Post
      Look here:

      hahahahahaha that is an awesome vid, thanks for finding that and sharing.


        I had one when I was younger.... It works yeah but totally not practical for anything but shenanigans with your buddies.


          Slingshot superior. I'm surprised there aren't more wrist rocket games.

          30 dollars a piece
          1 case lasts all year.
          + mask


            The field I worked at in the early 90s would often have slingshot games. Normally, for the end of the day when people are starting to run out of paint.
            The problems we had were the nicer ones were easily capable of going 500fps, or even 1000fps. So we were stuck buying a bunch of those crappy walmart ones.
            and we would have to test them out, making sure a "full pull" wasnt unsafe..... But that meant a "normal pull" was on the low FPS side, so you have to aim for peoples masks in hope for a break.

            and people complaned about the bands snapping there hands. But, good way to end the day. We would try "barrel ball" too. Basically, no gun, just your barrel, and you would blow the balls out like the blow-gun above, but... low low FPS. and you only aimed for masks. Suprised nobody choked on one. Kinda unsafe if you think about it. Though, we would try "pain-ball", which was a variation where "hits" don't actually count. You are out only when you give up. haha... those were the pre-insurance days.


            • XEMON


              Editing a comment
              An easy way to limit max fps for slings is to put a rope on the back of it so you cant pull it passed a certain point.