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    I always felt like Carbonfiber bores felt "louder", like they resonated a tiny bit more, but I do love how light they are. That just how my ear picks them up, I know lots of people feel like they are quieter.


    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

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      I always felt the same way. I found they were worse then a lot of stock barrels. Never liked CF barrels. I have a Dye back that’s CF wrapped but the bore is stainless.

    • lew


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      Ditto. In my experience, carbon fiber barrels resonated differently, and at a frequencies that made them seem louder to me.

    The quietest barrel I have used has been the second gen powerlyte scepter with the proper sized bore. The small ports do a great job of releasing the gas in a controlled manner and always made my lvl 7 classic mag or mech ion sound like a mousefart.


      On a different variety... my 8inch nemesis barrel with an M50 tip is extremely quiet on my Phenom x7.
      The flight and landing paint on the target is very clearly heard over the shot itself. I was a bit surprised.

      I did the cat test. Instead of her fleeing for her life she merely moved in annoyance.


        Carbon barrels sealed right or a shocker nxt with my freak may be some of the quietest I've heard in a hot minute. It's been a while.


          *barrel/audio nerd mode engaged!*

          It's hard to talk about barrels without talking about paint. But let's just pretend we have the perfect paint match.

          Based on the guy behind the Phi barrels, the punk works barrel tests and some anecdotes, the leading recipe for a quiet and efficient barrel is:

          - smooth finish
          - control bore for 8-9"
          - then a 0.005 bore expansion
          - however much porting one can put up with for length, longer being quieter

          Materials = ?

          I think a "quietest" barrel test would be amazing! We've seen test for "accuracy" and "efficiency."

          All one would need would be an Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter, audio recorder, an outdoor space, a bunch of barrels, and a whole lot of paint and maybe a close and open bolt gun for comparison sake? Probably a reference tone and measuring tape to insure all the audio stuff is calibrated properly each time. I dunno. But it'd be fun!

          Kinda like this, just quieter:

          It would be so sick to see an "+/- dB SPL" rating on a barrel package.

          *barrel/audio nerd mode disengaged*
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            BOA Concealer is the absolute quietest.... I'm running one on my VM and you can only hear the action of the gun not the actual shot


            • Rusty Brass

              Rusty Brass

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              So it just sounds like a large pile of metal getting dropped on a slightly quieter pile of metal?

            • Chaos


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              LOL..... if it was a standard VM maybe,my has delrin internals so it's quieter than standard ,so that coupled with the BOA and it's pretty damned quiet

            A Typhoon with porting, on Co2.
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            And God replied, “Just wait and see the neighbors I shall inflict upon them."


              Originally posted by Jordan View Post
              A Typhoon with porting, on Co2.
              Yeah, my old Hurricane with dual spiral porting was stupid quiet on CO2