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scooped up deals

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    scooped up deals

    Ever get a great deal and no one noticed?

    I'd like to see some right time and place, quick draw deals!

    Yesterday I snoozed through a deal, but did score one a few weeks ago.
    I picked up a second 98 STO that showed up with a surprise Belsales angry frame I didn't even notice on the listing for $465. mint condition. This was a deal because those angry frames are pricy.

    Knowing your parts helps a lot. I’ve picked up some nice things locally because no one, including the seller, knows what it is. Makes things like a treasure hunt!

    Cuda's Feedback


      I spent a few years flipping guns from local classifieds. It quite literally kept a roof over my head at times. Some highlights include a reverse minimag with a Y frame, something like a dozen cockers with nice frames and other cool parts, a lot with a PPS Superstocker and a Joy Division Angel, and so on. The deals more or less dried up at about the same time I got my current job. That said, over the summer I found a centerfeed 98 with an e-bolt for a price that was super low for what it was, but just high enough to discourage the casual buyer who didn't realize what it was (basically everyone).


        The treasure hunt is a big part of my paintball enjoyment. Probably 50% playing, 25% paintball tech projects, 25% finding old relics to fix up.


          B2k with an eye conversion and zenitram frame/asa for $60. My brother just scored an e-orracle for 100 bucks mostly complete.

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            I like to get in on package deals that are too expensive for most people to immediately justify, but valuable enough that I know I’ll easily make my money back to subsidize playing and keep the stuff I want. It’s also important that I get the Craigslist notification before Brickhaus

            some of my best snags from the past year or so:

            Click image for larger version

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              My best flips were off of trademygun when they were running auctions on eBay for guns they "couldn't" fix.

              Got an x7 phenom for like, $100, and all that was wrong was they flipped two of thr quick strip bolts so it didn't seal properly. Sold it for $400. Guy I sold it to donated it. Still kicking myself for losing it.

              My other best deal was a phantom for $75. Even if i had to get all new internals for it because the previous owner tried sanding them...


                Best scoop was the $20 ex rental SP1 and BT4 with tanks that popped up 5 minutes away. I also managed to get a JT spectra at the height of the JT craze for $10 because it wasn't in the featured image of the ad.

                Best scoop I almost had was the a $20 automag that popped up when I was younger, which my dad told me not to buy because there was no barrel and the tank (AA reg) was expired.

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                  Many years ago, I showed up to an indoor night game with a bag of Wendy's value menu stuff. A hungry player swapped me an NIB back bottle phantom for two 99 cent chicken sandwiches.


                    packersrule729 would have a fantastic story to tell us all if he ever paid any attention to this forum.


                      Originally posted by Mr. Hick View Post
                      packersrule729 would have a fantastic story to tell us all if he ever paid any attention to this forum.
                      Oh you mean, when I recently snagged all this for $50 clams?

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                      "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


                      • Mr. Hick

                        Mr. Hick

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                        This would be the fantastic deal I had in mind, Fool.

                      • CrowsFeast


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                        Doesn't look like it was ever used!

                      Ccm j2 I picked up in a craigslist gear bag about a year ago for $150 also came with a VM68, barrels and other misc paintball products. It came ebladed but I quickly switched it to pump.
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                      • Mr. Hick

                        Mr. Hick

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                        Did you buy a lottery ticket the same day?

                      • KMDPB


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                        In hindsight I should have, but then again lightning never strikes the same place twice...

                      Best deal I got was a 2k3 summer edition WGP cocker. Mint, red, Shocktech on/off and mini drop. Guy said it was busted and I offered him $50 for it & he took it. Just the drop & ASA were almost worth the $50 at that time. All it needed was two set screws for the timing rod.
                      New Feedback


                        Can't say as of late I've done as good as y'all, but I managed to get most of it back to the community, so the $200 box of stuff off craigslist did me good. Had the DSD and PGP and Proflex and a few other things. Made most of it back, and now I have yet another PGP, and I got an automag to sell out of that first box through trading. So. Happy enough. I did miss out a $50 autococker, I feel like spikeball or someone got to that before me.
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                          Maybe a year & a half or so ago i picked up a Mini GS, TipX, Dye I4, Rotor, Cocker threaded FREAK, 5k tank in hydro, pod pack & a few other odds & ends locally for $100.00. Considering basically nothing ever comes up for sale in my area, let alone anything worth buying, I’d say that was the deal of a lifetime.