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    I found 5 new in box white JT Revo at my local proshop one time sitting on the top shelf all dusty. Payed $45 each and sold 4 of them for over $350each and the last one I traded out for $500+ in gear.


      My best of all time has been:
      Karnivore with a Dye Reg
      2k5 Black Magic with a Dye Reg
      2 Freak Kits, one aluminum, one steel
      Peanut Tank
      Smart Parts Barrel Holder and an assortment of different barrels for entry level guns

      For $200

      Both guns went to friends locally for a decent bit less than current market value but I've made more than my money back and haven't even sold the barrel kits yet.


        All sorts of ridiculous deals here. Sellers must not utilize Google-fu to it's maximum potential!

        I've had a few good deals, nothing quite as asinine as what you guys are describing. My hightlights:
        • $400 S6.5
        • $200 Flatline Autococker
        • 3 sidewinders for $40
        • Urban Camo Phantom for $60
        💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


          I bought a literal truckload of gear from a craigslist ad near Winnemuka Nevada 15 or so years ago.

          Turns out it was a guy I knew from playing scenario ball. He was closing the field an store he ran. It took me 3 days to inventory everything even with help.

          The highlights ;
          My black karnivore, airball field, 2 e oracles, 2 50 lb CO2 rigs, a 20 lb rig. 12 scuba tanks, filling gear, at least 8 other various markers, a cache of soft goods and parts I'm still selling off.



            Best deal I had recently was a CCI Phantom unibody with a 14” barrel purchased on Craigslist for $20. Worked perfectly, but I replaced the internals with the latest & greatest and I’m only ~$110 into it and its stroke is smooth as butter. Trigger shoe came with it.

            Last year I also picked up a PMI Trracer with a velocity adjustable bolt in a gear bag on Craigslist. Came with some pods & hoppers and a red Spyder Compact. Gear bag and contents were $5.

            There was a Tippmann X7 Phenom on CL locally a few months ago for $150. Kicking myself for not picking it up.
            Click image for larger version  Name:	30586CC4-C792-4F91-B2EE-FCA37A0866DF.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	4.48 MB ID:	221361
            Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky:
            “You don’t need a safety keep your booger hook on the bang switch.​“


              I picked this up a while back. Came to $71 CAD total when you factor in shipping across the country. I was very surprised that he agreed to ship.

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              • Jordan


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                Want to sell the Revvy?

              I just scored this at a gun auction for $42.50 and it brought me screaming back here to grab my old username and show it off. I haven't posted here in a long time as I fell out of playing a little over 8 years ago. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet but I'm so excited to see this in person and take it for a spin. From the picture it looks like a Lapco Wrath or Spectre but the pump arm is engraved scorpion II. Click image for larger version  Name:	43889946_1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	141.4 KB ID:	221700


              • Levon12345
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                Do you have any info on who made these? Comparing photos and looking at features makes the similarities seem more than coincidence. I can't find anything on bacci's site or vintage rex.

              • Ecapnation


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                It's a Wintec..... They made bunches of markets under a few names for various dealers.

                Lapco used a bunch of their psrts

              • latches109


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                that scorpion is rad

              last night, all within an hour on ebay I saw....
              - E2 Nightkast $90 BIN
              - Undrilled Orry $30 BIN
              - CCM S5 + many parts + 2nd cocker $700 BIN

              All sold within 90 seconds. Lots of hunters out there....


              • latches109


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                where do you see this?

                edit: nvm I found it. dang that was everything I needed to complete my s5 prototype build

              Originally posted by mueller View Post
              last night, all within an hour on ebay I saw....
              - E2 Nightkast $90 BIN
              - Undrilled Orry $30 BIN
              - CCM S5 + many parts + 2nd cocker $700 BIN

              All sold within 90 seconds. Lots of hunters out there....
              That orracle was sold so fast even ebay couldn't catch up. I clicked it when it was brand new and it wouldn't give the buy it now option but didn't say sold either.

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                practically NIB impulse with a freak barrel, aftermarket feedneck and all the paperwork+ a profiler mask AND a 68 3K tank for $125/ Granted it was 10 years ago but still a smoking deal also forgot it came with a revvy which I still have too
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                  Just picked up the following locally:
                  Tippmann X7 Phenom with egrip
                  3 different stocks
                  3 different hand guards
                  Techt Bolt and Phase 5 fitting
                  Lucky Barrel kit
                  Lapco Bigshot Assault
                  Lapco Sharktooth a/ 5 backs
                  empire gloves
                  NCStsr Laser Red Dot
                  Tac belt x2
                  47/3000 Ninja Air
                  steel remote lines
                  Dye knee pads
                  JT F8 full head mask and two brand new lenses.
                  and other random crap.
                  Paid: $50 CAD.
                  Cuda's Feedback


                    Originally posted by latches109 View Post
                    Ever get a great deal and no one noticed?

                    I'd like to see some right time and place, quick draw deals!

                    Yesterday I snoozed through a deal, but did score one a few weeks ago.
                    I picked up a second 98 STO that showed up with a surprise Belsales angry frame I didn't even notice on the listing for $465. mint condition. This was a deal because those angry frames are pricy.

                    latches109 Are you referring to the pictured frame as a Belsales Angry or was it separate? Beautiful STO but all I see is a Benchmark.


                      My best would without a doubt be my Boston Paintball Reflex Autococker. It was listed on poorly. The kit was on a right feed body with the original hpr. After a quick talk to the seller who was local to me and Boston I was told he bought the gun new as a complete gun from BPS.

                      That meant it was one of the 10-12 BPS sold complete.

                      It cost me $150. This was as about 10 years ago but even then it was a steal. I was immediately getting offers 5X what I paid. I still have the gun now

                      I have since swapped the reflex kit onto a 97 Sto body and made a couple of other chances.


                      Another great one was my Adrenaline Impulse. It was posted here on MCB for $100. But a poor description and no pictures. But people commenting that to sell it hw had ro post pictures. I emailed him got named dated pictures and paid the man. It's a tri-fade blue gun from the original run and still has all the tips of the milling on the back.


                        Jesus, some great finds in here.

                        I just picked this up for $200. Not a screaming deal, but a good one non-the-less
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                          Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2562.jpg Views:	0 Size:	416.6 KB ID:	226960 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2552.jpg Views:	0 Size:	456.2 KB ID:	226961 I’ll have to dig for pics, but in 2018/19 I got a Craigslist deal for a dark angel ir3 and shoebox shocker and flipping those basically funded my return to the sport after a long hiatus.
                          Edit: found pics. hope they uploaded right.
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