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    Picked up an A5 with response trigger and assault barrel from a guy on Craigslist for $60. RT needs tuning, but otherwise she works like a Tippmann. Click image for larger version

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      We’ll see if this was a “deal” or not when it comes in. Goodwill’s excellent research and marketing departments had this labeled as a CP paintball gun. But it looks to me like a PM8 that’s been upped with CP parts (reg, feedneck, bottomline ASA, barrel). I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.

      Anyone know who made the grip scales or trigger & trigger guard?
      Click image for larger version

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      • lhamilton1807
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        Or maybe a PMR… welp, that might not have been the good deal I thought it was 🤪

      • latches109


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        Yes pmr. I once have mistaken a benchmark frame for a Belsales fame (first post)… Tasty beverages, bad lighting and a Belsales roller sear may have thrown me for a loop. But we’re not talking about it.

      Some backstory. My kids are homeschooled and meet with others in our community at a little church about 20 min away. Saw some T98C boxes in one of the rooms where classes are held. After explaining my interest- that I loan out paintball guns to introduce kids and adults to the sport and that I wanted to use the T98 platform as my standard to make parts/repair easier and the experience reliable - and offering to buy them, the elder wrote back and told me I could just have them. They’ve obviously been sitting for years and have some painty goo inside where balls were chopped. But all it took was some oil and air and they both cycled without any leaks.
      2 guns, 2 hoppers, one 9oz and one 20oz tank, 2 manuals, 2 jerk squeegees, oil, and Allen keys.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	C8E52AAB-D744-43E9-B71E-6373127A62D6.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.70 MB ID:	239977


        I have got quite a few deals. I remember I bought a shoebox brand new in the box in 2004 for $150 because it had been sit on the top of a shelf and the store forgot they had it. I bought an E-mag for $300 because the battery was dead, but back then it was still possible to buy a new battery. I got a Tippmann 98 BNIB for $20 in an auction. I got a pre-98 Autococker with a palmer stabilizer for $40 once because it had a leak from the 3 way.

        Truth is, I don't mind teching guns but, I love upgrading guns. Really like half of my love of paintball is the customization aspect of it, needless to say new speedball markers hold little for me, about all you can do is reanno it and many you can't even do that to since glass reinforced nylon composites have become very popular.


          Found someone on eBay who was selling vforce Grill dark smoke thermal lenses for $20/ea yesterday. New in package. I ordered two, and now they’re $41/ea. glad I snuck in there before they realized they were way underpriced. Now they’re listed at $42/ea

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          Just scored this gearbag for 100 bucks, sweet tote included. My buddy has been looking for a mag so I'm cleaning this up and taking off the benchmark and dropzone and selling it to him for 150. Click image for larger version  Name:	20220410_085008.jpg Views:	6 Size:	5.38 MB ID:	257538
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          • evilfishsticks
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            According to the guy I got it from, it hasn't been touched in about 10 years... threw a tank on it and there were no leaks and it cycled fine. Replaced a few bits and cleaned the bejeezus out of it and it's like new.

          I picked up a fully loaded 05 dynasty shocker for $375
          it came with a v2 pooty bolt which I have been after for a long time! I once emailed chris at pooty about the v2 bolts and he said, “those are very very ultra very rare”


            The A4 Angel was snagged off Craigslist with about 3 or 4 blowbacks, 2 cheap masks, a cheap pack, and a couple old steely tanks and CO2 tanks for a whopping $30. It doesn’t work, no charger and dead battery. But, I tried offering the guy $50 for just the Angel, and he insisted on $30, and then gave me everything else cause he didn’t want to deal with selling it. I gifted 2 of the markers and masks, and everything else is sitting in a box.

            My other best was a KP2 that a friend of mine had had since brand new. I tried for months to get him to sell it to me, only to find out another friend of ours had purchased it off of him to give to me as a birthday gift. Still need to finish the rebuild on it, it’s only been about 7 years.


            • Alexndl


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              Nice pile of Ion, did you snag the blue thumper in the deal?
              I always wanted one of those even if I am scare of rebuilding/ making one to work

            • Chrisrook1
              Chrisrook1 commented
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              Alexndl Actually, after I looked at the photo, I realized almost all of those came from deals. The Thumper was picked up on old MCB maybe 6-8 years ago for I want to say around $150. The ions were a bulk purchase off Craigslist. Got all 6, and a full freak kit with Ion and AC back for $300. The T8 was acquired about 7 years back off CL for $80 with 3 mags. The Spyder was my first marker, and the Trilly was a hand me down from my dad that he bought new.

            who got the dynasty shocker for $150??



              The one that I remember best was $400 for Rudy Dean #22 (that's the only minicocker, I believe, and was for a teammate), a dark angel, and 2 ebladed cockers, all of which also had their own HPA tanks. Had a few other things with it too. Flipping that deal paid for my couch in my first apartment.