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Old equipment you wish they still made

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    Micromags and microcockers... love them both. Hate that I had to sell my Micromag R/T, that marker was my dream in HS and perfect for me in college and beyond. I actually can’t remember what markers I have left, after I had to let baby go I boxed everything up and put it in my crawl space, been almost 10 years. I had some other cool stuff now that I’m back on MCB think I had a 98 STO project almost working (or working) a Vaporized B2K or a BL Defiant, and a project Blazer that I thought I got working. I might have had to sell them all or I might have just sold the Micromag.

    oh and the Ronin Gear 3+2 Stealth Pack, could hold 2 squeegees, pods, and my car keys!


      Egg timers you buy from RadioShack to clip to your mask's strap to keep track of game time =P

      Every so often I wish I could pick up a J&J Ceramic barrel with that old school grayish brown color and the minimal porting.

      JT sock hats