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Old equipment you wish they still made

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    Old equipment you wish they still made

    So as I was looking for new full tank neoprene tank covers, it struck me that these are getting harder to find as they go out of style. But I like them better than the rubber exalt/HK/whoever butt covers that are sold today because they cover the whole tank. What else do you guys still use or like that you can't get anymore? For me it's getting to be a lot of stuff. My CK pants are the platinum with red they no longer sell. Before that I bought a pair of like new Evil pants to replace my 2005's and I just got an Evil 4+3 pod pack that was brand new in the bag, never used from 2008 or so. This stuff is getting harder to find. I still like the Redz stuff and pick it up when I see something decent.

    It got me thinking, what do you use that you can't get anymore and why? Obviously here on MCB we like older guns but what accessories or upgrades do you wish they still made?
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    Those Strange Ordnance paint grenades from the mid 90's that actually exploded. Those were tons of fun. M69/A2? So fun to to tie them to a flag and the pin to the flag stand.

    Miss the older paint for its size+ quality - proball, marbs and pmi premium from the mid 90's. Gator black and pmi Cobalt was good fun as well.

    Loved the old renegade gear - still have my mossy oak but wish I could get a fresh set in a smaller size.

    I really like the old "turtle" pod packs with one vertical row of horizontal pods right in the center. I'd love to see someone make a modern one with a more modern elastic and harness.

    Click image for larger version

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    • Lazarus78
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      ah. interesting. so they only pull from one side. i wonder why they went out of style

    • shadow191
      shadow191 commented
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      I have a version from JT that's strapless so you can pull from either side.

    • caylegeorge
      caylegeorge commented
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      That's right, now I remember there were some turtle packs that were a bit more modern - Some had like neoprene small flaps covering the pod ends. Those were sweet!

    I really like the old "turtle" pod packs with one vertical row of horizontal pods right in the center
    i was thinking the same. I don’t like vert packs or dual horz packs. I used to be able to get them 4/5/6 stacked. All accessible from my left hand. The one I used now is pretty crungy at 25 years old!


      Trilogy cockers. Would be great to have them now when cocker prices are more insane than ever. They really shot great too. I still have several.


        I wish someone would come out with a modern version of the Raven Nuvis-1 mask with its photochromic lens. Having a lens that was clear in the woods and tinted in the sun was a really nice feature that hasn't been recreated since.
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          Vents Predators. Best mask ever made. I'd love to be able to buy new lenses.


            I'd love to see OTP G-1 barrels still made, all kinds of Redz gear (packs, marker bags, barrel bags, etc), aftermarket bits for classic Spyders, and a drop forward that is really a drop forward and has an integrated on/off.
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              Originally posted by Rusty Brass View Post
              Vents Predators. Best mask ever made. I'd love to be able to buy new lenses.
              Laws yes I can't understand how they didn't take over the world.

              Wish the original Sterlings were still a thing and Proline doodads


              • Grendel


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                The original Vents company was owned by brothers, long story short one brother caused the other brother and company to take on too much debt and the company was sold to Scotts. Scotts bought them to get rid of competition not to make a better mask. Rumor is one of the molds was used as a door stop.

              • Interl0per
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                Sounds about right

              I searched high and low to get my hands on some vintage XSV pants as they were the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, and I don't like a lot of the new stuff. Got lucky on an ebay deal but still paid $$$.

              Wish the Smart Parts co2 valves were around more, they are perfect for 3.5oz tanks.

              Obviously wish Carter was still making guns, I never got to buy one new and custom.

              Dye Stickies so I don't have to look at cut ones or pay insane prices.

              Basically any Autococker body that won't cost me a small fortune. I want a System X Dragon body something fierce... but they never come up for sale any more, and old stuff like FBM just pulls absolutely bonkers prices.


              • December
                December commented
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                You can still get Dragon bodies from

              • Renegade Knee/Shin pads
              • Original Vents Rage Goggles and replacement lenses
              • Unique Sports custom harnesses (would solve your issue Hp_lovecraft )
              • Viewloader/PMI/AGD single hole wrap around soft grips
              • CCM S5 RF

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              • caylegeorge
                caylegeorge commented
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                Renegade Knee/Shin pads

                These seem to still be around here and there NIB and at a cheap price. iirc theres a new set on ebay right now.

              • OpusX


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                Yes, VL single hole grips are awesome. They truly dress up the good old pot metal cocker frames.

              I had the pleasure of risking it for the biscuit and playing with some NOS Vents Rage masks, and I agree, they were awesome.

              I wish they made a revvy with reloader II guts, in the original glass fiber plastic.

              PAINT!!! My paint was friggin .676 on Saturday. That's insanely bad. Compared to .689 paint, you're getting like 6% less mass, so shots fall shorter and curve more.


              • OpusX


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                The revy you desire can be built. Get a newer JT Revy shell, acquire Reloader sound guts and you can easily cut away the soft shell material on the inside to fit the larger motor box. Mine works great.

              Redz Elbow and knee pads. The ridiculously thick ones. I would take bounces all day from anything past 10 feet away.
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                With my WTB... Raven Nuvis-1/NVS masks or lenses. All the PBJunkies speed series jersies too.
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