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Looking to hire 3D printer

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    Looking to hire 3D printer

    Hey guys looking to hire someone to print this for me.

    Check with shooter311
    I 💖 show ponies, 🦄 and llamas


      Hit me with a pm. Time is tight, but if you are not in a rush, I can get ya what ya need.


        I can definitely recommend shooter311 , Rainmaker as two amazing gentlemen who have printed items for me. Also Paintzapper and Ecapnation as they have designed and printed some great products, but I'm not sure if they do one-off work. In the pictures below the Phantom has a shooter311 hopper and a rainmaker pucker UC kit, and the MG100 has a Draco front shroud printed as a one off for me by Rainmaker.


        • shooter311


          Editing a comment
          Not that it matters much, but I think I put the speed feed on that hopper upside down! The lip is supposed to go on the bottom, so the tube rests on it. Again, really doesn't matter, my bad though!!! Glad you are getting use out of it! Something happened though, and the hoppers no longer print correctly, no idea what I changed or what happened, but I can't figure it out!