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New Used Retro Gear Site?

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    New Used Retro Gear Site?

    I saw a post on FB about this site. Seems to be in the spirit of Bacci Paintball, Armory, etc

    Does anyone have any experience with them? They seem to have some nice stuff.
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    Meleager7 Feedback:

    No experience at all , but yea some cool stuff. Lots of sold out on the site but I’ll be keeping an eye there.


      That’s Jose Solis. I don’t have any personal dealings with him, but know the name from around.


        Very cool, I just ordered a T4E and a Revy shell off them. Thanks for the heads up.


          I check that site out every once in a while, lots of cool stuff.
          Feedback 3.0

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          Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
          Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


            Thanks for putting this up. Lots of JT stuff but most of it "sold out". Good to see where my Dynasty frames are at retail wise.
            BigRed's feedback


              Feedback on my order:

              I placed my order on new years. The next day the owner emailed me and said upon inspecting everything before shipping the revy shell had a crack in it, so he sent it but refunded the cost of it. We had a couple emails back and fourth and he seems like a real nice guy and new to the whole website thing. Says he will only be improving it.

              Package came in today. The good and the bad...

              Good, the revy shell had the smallest chip where the lid covers, no big deal at all. I would not of cared if he did not refund my money.

              Bad, the tr50 was supposed to be brand new In the box. As far as I can tell it is. The problem is 4, of the 5 paintball chambers and the parts kit are missing. I emailed him and let him know he got right back to me and said he bought it new opened the box and closed it, so everything should be in there. I wrote back and let him know it missing. He said he will check around his place tonight.

              I'll let you guys know if he produces the extra parts or not.


                Lol, some of the prices on this site are an utter joke...


                  So I emailed the owner of the site asking for the revolver Chambers that were missing. He didn't get back to me. I emailed again after a while asking for them. He just wrote back saying he didn't find them. That was it. I guess I am out the 4 revolver Chambers. I definitely won't be doing business with him again. Too bad.


                  • BigRed


                    Editing a comment
                    Sorry you got ripped off, thats sucks! Thanks for keeping us updated. Not a very good idea to not make things right, especially when your business is fairly new. Bad feedback travels pretty quick! I noticed he accepts PayPal payments could open a claim on it.

                  • shooter311


                    Editing a comment
                    I did pay with Paypal and just won't bother with the hassle. I have seen PayPal screw over the buyer too much. I would just want the money for the Chambers, but PayPal would probably force a return and I just don't want the hassle. Lesson learned. I won't be doing any business with him again. Especially on some of the high end pieces he has on there.