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Is Bacci Paintball still around?

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    I'm willing to wait, was getting worried because I didn't get an order confirmation or anything.


      I placed an order earlier in the week I'll let you know when I get mine


        Last time i ordered from him, things didn't immediately ship. It might take a bit, but he has good prices and seems honest about item conditions.


          Originally posted by DavidBoren View Post
          It's just slow, but it always arrives.

          If you think ordering is slow, just try inquiring about one of the 3rd party markers. Lol.
          I got Renick Miller's Shocker Sport through Dan with no hassle, even considering that he was the middleman.

          I've ordered from Dan a bunch of times. A slight delay, but I'm not in much of a rush these days. Also keep in mind that Kommifornia's post offices are some of the worst in the country.
          “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


          • DavidBoren
            DavidBoren commented
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            I was really bummed about the Omen extrusion being sold... I wanted it for an Ehm build. So it being listed as available got my hopes up. Lol.

            I am currently working with Dan to get Renick's Piranha. It actually is available, and I am going to put all my Evil Spyder stuff on it... because PMI.

            I might inquire about Renick's Tribal Twister, too, once I get the Piranha. I don't need a Tribal Twister, but it's blue. Plus, it's brand new. And I like weird, old $#!+...

          • lew


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            Bummer about the Omen. That would have been a cool build. As for the Tribal, do it cuz old school cool.

          I’ve ordered from Dan as well. It took a while, but he answered my email and the items arrived. He’s a busy fellow, but gets the products out.


          • Interl0per
            Interl0per commented
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            Good point if you're concerned you can always email him, he's always pretty quick to respond

          Bacci normally gets things out in a timely manner granted I never have an issue with shipping times cause I'm a few hours away from him or tell him to hang onto the item until I see him next, also just a heads up, almost half of California is on fire atm so the usps may or may not be iffy getting things to where they need to go
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            He’s a fun follow on Instagram, always demoing bizarre old paintball guns and other gear.


              Update for anyone interested. Got my order today. They look great. Thanks Bacci.
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                He responded to me the other day.
                If you need to talk, I will listen. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get it.
                IGY6; 503.995.0257


                  He contacted me today. All is well with him, he's just been busy with personal business, but he's still getting orders out.
                  “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


                    Originally posted by bacci paintball View Post
                    And while I am not immediately effected by the fires in Northern California (I am in Los Angeles) my family is. One fire is only a few ridges away from our house in Sonoma County and I have been reloading the fire maps non stop. Doesn't effect orders, just my sanity. Thanks again everyone.
                    Hope all is well with your family up north. Fires are fuckin crazy out of control in multiple states now.


                      I want to see another Juicy Bacci Sale soon ! His sales always justify the expensive shipping i have to pay to get access to his precious , old paintball parts!

                      Dan, please break your website again, experience guilt, and then shine another glorious sale down upon us!
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