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What is your Marker Stand of Choice?

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    What is your Marker Stand of Choice?

    So many years ago i had the 3 marker PVC tube stand, recently i found folding stands and other 3d printed ones, is there anything that you use to hold your maker that works great? I am not referring to your pegboard at home but your stand for placing your marker when out at the field. For that matter i know that it has been discussed but is there anything that you use out at the field that you feel makes your day better? I have a car organizer that i use to hold all of my pods, tanks, shoes and tools that will not fit into my fishing tackle box.

    Here is a similar one from the internet that i found.

    Click image for larger version

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    Last edited by jokers; 02-28-2022, 01:38 AM. Reason: Added a picture of a similiar stand i used.

    I built one out of scrap wood, it folds down and had two halves so I can set out up with just half of that's all I need. Holds 10 markers when fully set up. Only real down side is it weighs a lot

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      Guru gun stands. I have 3 of them now and they work great. I have a big Splattrak stand (you can see part of it in the G6R picture below) I bought recently on ANS and it holds everything fine but it is so big it's hard to pack. The Guru stands break down and travel well. The only issue is that they do come apart in 4 pieces and you could lose it. I have seen they sell a corded band to go around them. I throw them in the bottom corner of the box and they do great. I own some 3-d printed ones but they literally have melted in the sun here in the summer of South East GA.. The Guru stands can be bent and they flex back into shape. They don't melt or have the issues of most stands. He now sells them on Amazon as well.

      I made PVC stands and even wooden stands, but the Guru stands are the smallest and best ones I have had over the last 20 years.

      The G6R is in the new micro stand for non-macro line guns and the Gtek in the full size one for macro lines

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        My jeeps bumper.....


          I usually just jam them barrel first into the ground until they stay put.

          Nah I just use the back of my Jeep like a big messy table. I also don't have anything worth showing off on a stand at the field.
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            I usually end up with a small pile in an attempt to leave room for everybody else playing... if I used stands I'd have to either have two tables or bring less stuff. 🙂


              The reason behind stands for me was not so much to show off but a place to set your marker and fill it up mine was not as level as the internet one it actually had the barrel pointed down to allow the hopper to be angled down. I would always get back from a game hit the air on the way to the vehicle or table, set my marker in the stand fill my hopper and pods and be ready to go whenever it was called. Granted this was in the days of Halos and Eggys so you kind of had to have that angle.


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                I'm still rocking the Eggys. They actually hold up quite well with neoprene covers

              There are some cool collapsing 3D printed options. I may try PBDNA's Pocket Stand since there is nothing that would get in the way of a pump handle. Their Quick Stand looks great and would work well with my M170R from what it looks like, just not sure about pumps or Autocockers with stuff hanging off the front.
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                I have a big microfiber towel I put on the table for anything nice. Stand is just asking to to knocked over. Most of my stuff is all different shapes those generic stands won’t hold my stuff anyway.


                  When I'm playing I use a PBDNA pocket stand on the table and at home I use his Marker Stand 2.0 on my shelves.
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