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Plugging Air Passages

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    Plugging Air Passages

    The TGR2 has plugs in the front of its air passages that seal with orings. I already pretty much destroyed the plugs trying to get them out, so I figured I'd fix them in place permanently since there's no reason to get in the front of the passages. What should I use to seal the threads? I was thinking JB Weld since I want it to be permanent, but if I somehow screw up and it ends up leaking somewhere down the line I'll be SOL. What else could I use? Red Loctite? Does that degrade over time? Is it easy enough to get undone with heat?

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    Degrease both parts thoroughly (I use Carb Cleaner or Brakleen) and apply JB liberally. It'll be fine.

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      I used Teflon and blue loc tight on a few plug screws of my dm6 about 14 years ago.... Still hasn't leaked

      But I also know that if it ever does I'm not SOL. I can remove them and seal it up again..... For another 14+years

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