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A Crisis of Paint!

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    If you're just using it for testing, why not get a bag of reballs? Don't have to worry about those going bad or getting deformed. They do run small though.


      Had some reballs, they didn't work out well for me- and I don't have the interior room for them.

      Turns out my local Wal-Mart has some paint, so there's that- but it's Draxxus. I thought that brand got bought out or something. Or is this stuff like really old stock?

      Buddy of mine's going to pick up a couple cases from the field up in the city, so I'll be set for a while. Just came as kind of a surprise when, a year ago I had easy access to at least some paint, and today, almost zilch.

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      • Jonnydread


        Editing a comment
        I don't think it's actually Draxxus they're just using the name. I've seen Draxxus bags from big box stores around here, but I'm fairly sure it's just rebranded GI.

      get some nylon balls from ebay.
      you can shoot into a pillow and reuse them over and over.
      they last forever and dont go bad.
      im not familiar with reball but you woundnt want to hit anyone with the nylon balls.


        Good to hear you got someone running up to Anchorage for you. I was going to recommend you contact Todd who runs 907 paintball and get some from him. He has a garage full of paint he stores over the winter and we shoot up in the first couple weeks of the season.


          So I have two ideas for you first off if you are just testing markers would pickle paintballs work the other day either on this subforum or another on MCB there was a discussion and someone shared an STL so that you could even print them. Second is there anyone here on a team i know that some of the teams get a massive discount and if they could add you as a team member say as their mechanic you might be able to get cheap paint from valken, or virtue if they are sponsored by them.


            Every MCB member send him a bag of 500 balls.