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Will it go Liquid? ....Different Paintball Guns on Liquid CO2

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    Originally posted by Meleager7 View Post
    ...I hope the effect is delicious co2 clouds bursting from all parts of the gun when fired !
    Ah, yes. The delicious scents of cold metal and burp.


      I dug this out. About 15 years go, I converted a MegaZ to electro, with eyes, etc, but still on liquid co2. This was my first test fire, the battery is just ziptied.
      Its not that interesting, except that I used a short macroline in place of the missing hardline (it had been swapped with a nitrovalve). Anyway, you can see the liquid co2 in the macroline...


      • Jordan
        Jordan commented
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        I can smell this video. 🙂

      Quick Update on the the Liquid Spyder Victor II I put together.

      I got my two 20 oz Siphon tanks from Jordan this past weekend, and was able to use the Liquid Spyder at a big game in Ottawa, Ontario

      Only got the tanks filled on the drive up to Ottawa, so I had not had a chance to really tune this gun. I had really no idea how it was gonna go.

      At the field Sunday morning it aired up fine, no leaks.

      Testing at the chrono was a different story! The gun was shooting around 330 fps ! This was with the Warrior Spyder spring kit I had in there, with the heaviest valve spring, and the lightest mainspring. This was with the RVA fully backed out!

      I remembered I had brought some cut spyder mainsprings ( cut for indoor play) in my toolbox, so I did a quick mainspring swap with the cut spring and headed back to the chrono.

      Now the spyder was shooting about 265-270 fps, and turning the rva in a bit i was easily able to get around the 280 mark, and it was consistent!

      I can confirm the claims about liquid co2 consistency! I had to chrono this gun several times throughout the day and I never had to touch the rva again. It just held there at 275- 280 ish all day long. Call me impressed !

      Performance wise, I wasn't really keeping track of the pods I went through on the first tank, but I felt I got a decent amount of shots off of that 20oz, which I ran completely dry.

      One thing I was expecting was more co2 cloud action!?? It kind of just looked like a gun running regular co2 to me......maybe the temperatures ( low to mid 20's Celsius ) had something to do with it. Also I chose the shocktech supafly bolt because it doesn't have orings, and I thought I'd get more co2 cloud effect coming out the back of the gun. That didn't happen either ! So i never really got the whole " wow, what the heck is wrong with that guy's gun !?? " effect I was shooting for!

      I shot the spyder on semi mostly, with some full auto set to 8 bps to avoid chops. I had no chops all day, and just a single barrel break , which I just shot through with no real accuracy issues after a few clearing shots.

      Anyhow, I'm calling my liquid spyder experiment a success!

      Here is a pic of me on the move, with the Liquid Spyder!

      Click image for larger version

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      '96 RF Mini Cocker, '95 RF Autococker, Trilogy SF Autococker (mech'ed) , 68-Automag Classic, Banzai Splash Minimag, Gen-E Matrix, Shoebox Shocker 4x4, Warp Feed Rainmaker, Montneel Z-1, Tippmann Pro-Carbine, Tippmann Mini-Lite, Tippmann Model-98, Tippmann SL-68II , Tippmann 68-Special, Spyder .50 cal Opus/Opus-A , Liquid CO2 Spyder Victor II , Tippmann .50 Cal Cronus , Gog Enmey .50 cal , Tippmann Vert ASA 68-Carbine

      Meleager7 Feedback:


        Rad! I was wondering if the body space before the valve was going to be an issue with expansion. Are you using the stock valve or the newer EKO valve?


        • Meleager7


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          I was worried about that too, that my velocity might be affected, but it seemed to be ok. I mean, maybe i lost some efficiency due to a larger than desired volume ahead of the valve, but hard to tell. I just used the stock valve, but used different springs I thought would make sense for a liquid setup. I did end up needing to use a cut down stock mainspring to bring the velocity down
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        Always wanted a Montneel Mega Z. Lucked into an ICD Puma and it runs great on Siphon. The owners manual even has a section on setting it up. It may even be more efficient than the Mega Z.


        • Meleager7


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          i had a feeling the ICD 'cats would be great liquid guns!