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Any Type I diabetic pump users playing?

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    Any Type I diabetic pump users playing?


    I am a Type 1 diabetic and currently on an Omnipod diabetic pump and Libre2 CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor). Just wondering if others are out playing and what they do with their pumps while playing.

    Since I have a wearable pump (no hoses) I cannot remove it to play and stick it back on like the Medtronic and Tandom users can. and the CGM is another thing that really cannot be removed and put back on. I have to wear the CGM on the back of the arm and the pump usually resides on the belly.

    The biggest question is on what to do to protect the items while playing. I know I can wear a leather armband to protect the CGM but will have to come up with something that will protect the pump.

    Let me know how you play, and if have any good stories about playing.


    I have no idea, but I am curious to the answer to this.
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      Ditto. Also I must admit, the title screwed with my head for about ten seconds. I'm thinking, "what the heck does diabetes have to do with using a pump gun?" Lol

      Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? I imagine plenty of people with insulin pumps must do things like cycling or skiing where you'd need impact protection for the device
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        I knew some guys that had an otterbox looking case for theirs, held on the body with a wide stretch band.
        Got them through some prison fights with no problem, I wouldn't imagine paintball would be worse.