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    I used to buy shipping labels from PayPal because the rates were discounted.. they moved to a 3rd party and I do not like it, so I stopped buying labels from PayPal. Currently I am using and they have been great for USPS and UPS, but does anyone have other suggestions? maybe that include discounted fedex labels?

    I also hate the 3rd party PayPal uses for printing labels now. I love Pirate Ship, not sure why FedEx isn't included.
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      I use since my wife has an account. I can choose between shipping with USPS, FedEx or UPS. It will even tell me who is the cheapest per package.

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        I should look into some of these services. Do you have to weigh parcels in order to get a quote?
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        I've been using Pirate Ship for UPS lately. Paypal/Ebay for USPS.

        What's the use case for Fedex? In my experience USPS is cheapest/best for small, and UPS for big/heavy.
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          fedex is a lot closer to me, saves me 20 min for a ups drop-off.

        My initial experience with the Paypal shipstation was awful... however this past time it worked out okay for me. I use USPS for flat rate boxes and UPS ground for pretty much everything else. My local UPS gives a 10% discount everytime you drop off a packaged (even if it is USPS) so that adds up pretty quick. PirateShip is pretty great as well. FedEx for me at least always seemed to be way more expensive.


          I actually just started using the 3rd party through PayPal, it's working great for me. Roughly 10% under standard rates and everything is auto filled since it comes through PayPal. I pretty much only use flare rate boxes so the past office sends those to me for free, I just have to pay for the lable and any packing material

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