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What was the last new marker you purchased?

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    The last new marker I purchased was my first B2K4. It was a year or two old at that point, but was NIB at the store. I dumped so much money into upgrading that thing. Sold it a number of years back to a friend, don't know where it is now.
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    • Jonnydread


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      That's an interesting trigger frame

    • zinger565


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      That's the T2 Trayless kit that was made and sold over at ICD-Owners forum (now gone). Really helped modernize Bushys and made them viable a bit longer as legit tourney markers.

    Last (and only) new marker I bought? Gotta go back, pre-Y2K, and party like it is 1999…my F4 Illustrator (in ‘99) I got at WalMart…first marker, only new one I’ve ever owned.

    The Resurrection I bought last year was supposed to be “new” but I think it was actually “lightly used”. You could see a tank was installed on it, and some of the paperwork was missing…so I’m not counting it
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      Like new new? Freeflow/dye colab cocker.

      New to me but used? Line SI promaster


        Apparts from "new" spyder with missing parts that the shop owner wanted to get rid for 7$ a pieces, I never bough a new working paintball gun from a shop.

        Closest one is my Walz pirate build that look shiny and new


          a spyder in the mid to late 90s
          and technically i didnt buy it; it was a birthday gift from mi mum


            Bought a brand new Planet Eclipse LV1.6 off the shelf from Hogan's Alley after selling off a bunch of gear in the fall of 2020. The LV1.6 and Emek are the only new guns I've bought since returning in 2018.

            Edit- I forgot about my Shocktech CG2. I bought that new off of Shocktech's site early last year!
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              Originally posted by Jordan View Post
              Last one was an Emek a couple of years ago.
              Same here. I pre-ordered one a v1 Emek cause they sounded like the bee's knees. There aren't really any new markers out there that I have any desire for that aren't hand-built in small or single productions.

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                The ONLY new marker I have bought was my Bob Long Millennium Spyder. That was 22 or 23 years ago.

                I found the used market could supply me with far better guns then the new market. Never looked back.

                I do have two guns that I received from Niche for designing then. They are my Nemesis and Vector. I have never shot the Vector seems everyone else uses it but me. And the Nemesis will never be aired up.


                  PE Emek before that my KCPS Scout.


                    I bought a second gen Emek new.

                    First new purchase in around 30 years. I had won a few new markers at scenarios, but that was one I put my money on.

                    Shooting automags didn't lend itself to new purchases.



                      The only markers that come to mind that I specifically purchased "new off the wall" were a Tippmann 98C and a GX3 Autococker, probably within about a year of each other.
                      I had part in a team purchase where we all got new Ego, but they weren't actually ours to keep until the end of the season and meeting certain requirements.
                      I might have purchased a DM 9 or 10 new, it was the red and black with some print, but cannot honestly recall if I got that one new or not.

                      Edit- take that back, I purchased a couple of Invert Mini new, one of them from Kohn Sports with the digicam lasering.


                        Either a Vibe or SP-1. I bought both new, I just can't remember which one I bought first. Excellent markers. I used the SP-1 for woodsball for years. Vibe was a loaner. They ran really well on CO2, even. Ended up selling both eventually though.


                          Angel A1 Fly... so whenever those were new. Bought lots of new Angels despite the complete and total failure of their service and support. I did get good at fixing them though so I guess that's something.


                            Despite having worked at a paintball store for almost a decade, I have never purchased a gun new.


                            • Rusty Brass

                              Rusty Brass

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                              That's some dedication right there.

                            • Magmoormaster
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                              Haven't ever been interested enough in anything new. Or had the money.