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What was the last new marker you purchased?

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    I "bought" a squid m3s from a raffle a few years back. Otherwise I haven't had anything new for myself in a decade probably


      I bought one of Mike's last Phantoms and it sits, factory fresh, preserved in its box. That and an ENMY are the only two guns I've ever bought new.


        The last marker I purchased new was the 13th Warped Sportz Dark Angel LED made, from Rocky and Ed at Warped Sportz in Kearney Nebraska.
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          I can't remember the last time I've bought a new marker. Local fields didn't have much options.


            Do we count Walz's as "new"?

            Otherwise it's a tr50 and the soon(tm) to ship HDR68 ...
            And other than my SSR, the only new guns I've ever bought ...
            Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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            • Chuck E Ducky

              Chuck E Ducky

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              Oh yeah I forgot I preordered one of thos revolvers

            I won a LV 1.6 last year. I bought an Emek but before that, and I bought a brand new Punisher's PB Shocker XLS. Most of the other markers I have gotten used. I think I prefer a used one over new anyway.
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              Technically, I have never bought brand new myself, as the only brand new marker I have ever had is the classic Automag my dad bought be for my 14th birthday in 1995. That's also the only marker I have ever had given to me.

              Every other marker I have bought myself, always used: Tippmann 68 Special, 2010 Proto SLG, gen 1 GoG eNMEy, DYE Rize CZR, Trilogy Comp Autococker, 2011 Proto Rail, ex-rental EMEK. The CZR actually came to me in what appeared to be like new condition, though the previous owner said it had been his daily driver for a while and had put a lot of paint through it.

              Buying used just makes so much more sense, for those of us who can do it. It takes such a huge chunk off the price and you know you aren't getting some lemon with manufacturing defects. But buying used is something of a privilege, if you think about it a certain way. Because I can fairly confidently fix markers and can afford the risk of a marker not working, I get to take advantage of the big discount of buying used. Some kid who has been saving up his lawn mowing money to buy his first marker cannot afford that risk. Whatever he buys has to work, or he doesn't play. Someone in that position needs a warranty and a retailer's return policy, in case his one shot at buying a marker goes wrong.That's why I don't always steer kids towards buying used when they show up on Reddit asking which marker to buy. Usually I do, but sometimes you just get the impression that you're talking to someone who can't afford to tie up money in a marker that doesn't work. I think buying new is actually the smart move for some people based on their circumstances.

              I suspect that there is an opportunity here to give back to the sport and community. Maybe some of us with the means and skills to buy and rehab broken markers could do so for the express purpose of making cheap but reliable used markers available to new players. And I further suspect that more than a few MCB members have been doing that for some time now.

              The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.



              • MrBarraclough
                MrBarraclough commented
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                Cdn_Cuda, that Trilogy you sold me runs like a top, thanks. I feel a little guilty that it doesn't see that much trigger time and it has become more of a novelty in my collection. But every time I consider selling it, I am reluctant to part with the only Autococker I own. Plus, I keep telling myself that being able to say "I have a spare cocker you can use" is a good way of trying to entice former players back to the field.

                I suppose now that I have too many markers to plausibly use "That would make a good backup/loaner" as an excuse for buying more, I need to switch to "I could fix that up and pass it on."

              • Cdn_Cuda


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                Glad it's working well for you! They're a great platform. Nothing wrong with it being a novelty in its collection. I haven't played a game with more than half of the markers in my collection, although it's something I'm working on. If you want to start fixing stuff up let me know and I'll give you some tips.

              • drewkroeker
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                There are some markers that if I see them used and the price is low I'll snag them to have as loaners. I think it really changes the game for a new player to use an emek with motorized hopper vs the "rode hard and put away wet" rental 98s. I do everything in my power to help them have a good day and that means good gear and the highest grade of paint available. The aggression has to come from within, I don't supply that lol. If they really like whatever marker they borrowed from me, I'll sell it to them for however much I paid for it.

              My last was an Emek last year and that about it for a long while.

              My first was a spyder xtra in maybe 2004-5 then c98 and it goes into the used market for some time. Palmer pyre, Dukie drv and a tippmann tipx.
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                A VM-68 in 93 or 94. My teenage buddy and I found an ad in the back of APG and jumped like scalded cats for the blowout price of $300 plus shipping.
                Our little outlaw group with Trracers, Spartans, and Splatmasters never stood a chance against our new super weapons.
                The arms race was on!


                  I’ve never bought a used gun. I’ll see myself out…

                  …to be fair though, I’ve only owned about 10 guns since 1997, and nothing that anybody would consider high-end.


                    I've only purchased 3 new guns
                    1. Peter Clark's custom bore drop Carter Maximasters - purchased from Peter at his house - early 90s - still have it
                    2. AGD Minimag when they came out I forgot the date - I&I Sports - stolen :/ - if you ever see a copper plated minimag lmk.
                    3. Planet eclipse Emek - May 2020 - ANSGEAR - sold


                      An Empire Trracer, which turned out to be really excellent. I probably should have kept it as it had a high fun factor.


                        I've only bought two markers brand new. My first one was when I was still in high school, and it was a brand new Brass Eagle King Cobra pump, right out of Brass Eagles' original storefront in Mississauga, Ontario! ​ I took that pump gun out only one time back then, my buddies rented whatever the flavour of the day was back then, probably better quality Tippmann pumps, and we ended up playing against a group of regulars, who all had F1 Illustrators......we had our butts handed to us all day long, I did not get a single elimination. Into the closet that Cobra went to collect dust for a decade before I ended up selling it.

                        Then I think it was 1999, or 2000 , I wanted to get my own gear again, and I learned my lesson being outgunned with that pump, and looked at getting a Semi this time. I liked the inline valve , hammer designs more than the spyders, so I was looking at the Mokal Titan, and the Sheridan XTS, and the Tippmanns. I ended up ordering a brand new Tippmann 68-Carbine from Mr. Paintball in Calgary ( now ) . I ordered with it a 14" ACI zero gravity barrel, an Indian Springs maxi loader, and a good sized 20 oz co2 tank....The playing field was a lot more even with this upgraded Tippmann, and I found I could now hold my own against whatever was on that field in those days.

                        Fast forward to getting back in the game in 2018.....and I've 22 markers in my collection right now, and approx 45+ guns total have passed through my hands......every single one of them used, nothing brand new from a store!
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                          I’ve only had 3 new guns given to me by my dad. Brass Eagle Talon, Raptor, and Spyder Imagine. Still have the Imagine, other two broke. After my hiatus I found out WGP, WDP, Bob Long closed shop so I was left with only one choice and new guns don’t appeal to me.
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                            A 2k4 BKO in 2004.