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What was the last new marker you purchased?

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    Used A-5 in mint condition, for really cheap. I intend to keep it as stock as possible (with the exception of the barrel eventually perhaps).
    Got a CCI Phantom on order.

    Just sold my Etha 2. I'm keeping my FLEd, fully customized Emek as my main gun for the foreseeable future.
    Down the pipeline I've got my sights on the newest gen Enmey (and therefore sell my first gen version), and either a LV 1.6 (or wait until the LV 2?... methinks it's coming sooner than later) or a special ed of the 170R.
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      I'll add an Emek or 170r to my bag at some point.

      But the likelihood of my buying those new is slim.


      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

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        You should check out the 3M I held one at OSG last weekend and it’s right in the middle of needing upgrades and expensive. It’s basically an emek with all the upgrades people do strait out the box. They all use the same engine so it will shoot awesome. It’s got the short valve adjustable trigger pops and a quick release bolt. Oh and the aluminum body looks great!
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      Swooped this thing off eBay. Took a little bit of love to make it work and few all nighters. It brought me back to my teenage years taking it all apart and finding parts endlessly until finally it is now flawless. Players marker for sure, but to me; flawless.


        2006, bought an SL66 from a friend who went to World Cup.

        Only ever bought used since.
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          Believe it or not, in my long career, and literally thousands of guns, I've only ever bought three guns brand-new.

          The first was a 'Ninja' Nightmare- I actually mailed a physical letter and a money order to Canada to get it.

          Not long after that, I bought a brand-new PGP. Still have the box somewhere.

          And then, as I was a stocking dealer at the time, I bought one of the prerelease SP Impulses, which would have been... what, 2000?

          Every other one, I bought secondhand, or took in on trade, etc.

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          • Brokeass_baller
            Brokeass_baller commented
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            Do you still have the Impulse? I'm curious if there were any differences between it and the final production run.

          • Myrkul


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            I had a pre-release impulse at one point, there are a number of annoying differences. The feed neck is press fit, I believe the internals might have been made from different materials, and the barrels were chopped shocker threads. No eye milling either.

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              I purchased a CCI phantom direct from mike back in '12. all the bells and whistles I wanted when I was a kid back in 01 02. I love it.


                i bought a scout Emek from Simon, i hadnt jumped on the emek train yet, i had an m170R but i wasnt living for the ergos

                i was hoping the slightly taller setup would help


                  Tippmann 98 custom in 2004


                    LV2 on Monday.


                      I just bought this DSR+ in anticipation for the single trigger electronic/Mech frame that’s coming out for it.
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                        I love buying NOS Markers.....
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                          If we are counting new from a retailer,

                          My first marker, piranha e force in 2004

                          If we are counting new in box but from the bst
                          FS Roscoe like 5 weeks ago. Actually traded for it, no money

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