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What was the last new marker you purchased?

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    What was the last new marker you purchased?

    What’s the last brand new paintball marker you purchased? Are you a regular high roller at your local paintball store or do you only buy used?

    For me, have to go back to 2007 when I bought a DP Threshold. Haven’t bought a brand new gun since.
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    Trying to think....I buy nearly everything used. Probably an Emek some years ago. Before that was a T2 from CCM I think. Before that.... maybe my first gun ever, PMI Piranha in 01 or 02. Nearly everything used.
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      My first gun, the Spyder Compact 2000 was the only one I bought new back in 1999ish. One of my ICE Epics was bought new in box off ebay, but turned out to be stolen from a store. I had sent it in for service and they didn't want to give it back, but eventually they did after I handed over all the sellers information.

      The other dozen plus markers I have, have been acquired second hand.



        2004, piranha srt (e framed stbb) $90

        It was my first marker and still the only one I have ever purchased brand new

        The funny part is I purchased it thinking it was something like an angel and worth $600 and I was scoring a deal and was going to flip it for a cool $500 profit. Learned my lesson, do your research before pushing that "buy now" button

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          Niche Nemisis in 2018? Is the only "new" marker I've ever bought and at that I had to ship it out for anodizing, next I suppose maybe a ccm j6 that Zac/BST/Vindicate Sports I got last year and that isn't done yet
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            I've never actually purchased anything brand new myself. My first gun was a Tippmann Sierra One my parents bought me for good grades. My dad bought a second one for himself to use when Canadian Tire had them on clearance, but I'm the one who actually maintains everything.

            Closest I've been is when I bought a very lightly used MG100. The guy bought it that summer to get back in the game after a decade+ hiatus, shot a mag or two in the backyard then put it away. By the fall was having computer issues and sold it to me for $150 under MSRP, with tags and a sealed parts kit. Also came with some spare mags, spring kit, a barrel maid and a case of paint.

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              2002 I purchased a Brand Spanking new glossy blue Black Magic cocker with a slide frame. I still own it today..... It's gone through some changes and is a pump now but original body...... My favorite marker of all time and I will never let it go....


                1993 - a bronze anno Sterling STP. At the time I was playing in the Swedish paintball series and needed a high end gun. Semis weren't legal yet, so all competions were with pumps.

                Not my first gun, though. That particular honor goes to a Splatmaster Rapide, which didn't count as a semi. I still have both guns.
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                  Last brand new marker I bought was an WDP Angel A1. Still have it too, but I can't get parts for it anymore.


                    Out of the 4 new markers I have purchased over the last 30 years the most recent one was a Hammer 7 in 2013 at Canadian Carnage 2.


                      The newest gun I've bought and one of the only new guns I've ever bought was an emek a year or two ago.


                        Uhhh, hate to say it.. but the only gun I recall buying new was my 98 custom players pack in.... like 2002? I sold that 98 to a teammate years ago.


                          I bought a Shoebox shocker brand new, and I bought a Palmer Blazer brand new and that is it. I was gifted an original model 98 brand new, but I didn't buy it.

                          But, I have tons of cameras and lenses, and I have literally only bought one lens brand new a Sigma 30mm f1.4 because it was on sale for $200. Then again I barely buy anything new, my car is 20 years old, I just don't really have a particular desire for new things, but good things at a good price is what I am about


                            A CCM T2 back in 2012. I remember saving my pennies to get one and calling Mel to order it. Wish I never sold it.


                              PPS Oak Pyre PY-008 Circa 2009 IIRC one of the first built and sold.

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