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    Originally posted by Memornix View Post

    Why stop when you run out of paint, I played a game years ago with a pump in the days when electro speeds were uncapped and I was the only guy on my team to cover the right side of the field. The other team coincidentally only had one guy go left so it was him vs me. He had the latest fastest shooting electro whatever and I had a pump with an ammo box and promptly ran out of paint. He was dumb enough not to realize this and I just shot air at him whenever he popped up. I managed to hold the side for my team.

    The funny thing was, after game he was loudly boasting that he managed to hold the whole side by himself. This was until I let him know that the only thing he held off was a pump with no paint.
    I actually felt a bit guilty spawn trapping the other team any longer than I already did
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    • Memornix


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      Yeah, that does happen.😇

    • MrKittyCatMeowFace
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      Been spawn trapped and have been the one spawn trapping. Neither is what i want. But one definitely more enjoyable than the other. I like fighting for every foot. Not a slaughter.

    • JonM


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      Agreed. Thankfully all I had at the time was seven twenty-round Helix mags and a 13/3k tank. By the time I took the town and held it, I was down to only a couple mags and barely enough air to shoot them. I couldn't hold them for long even if I wanted to. Lucky for me, they didn't know that.

    A long while back, I played 2v2 at a "paintball camp" the local summer camp was hosting. The two coaches were nothing special, but decent players, and I was working at the camp but they knew I had a good cache of gear in my trunk.

    At the end of the week they invited me down to play a game with them on the airball field, so I dusted off my Illusion. I was teamed up with the only female participant, shooting a Pro-Carbine, versus a Shocker SFT and Angel Speed. I took snake quick, crawled to the end, and started snap dueling against the Shocker. I hear the Angel, snap up inside, knock him out of the far corner with a single shot, go back to my duel, which became a much easier 2 on 1.

    That inside snapshot is still my favorite shot, ever.

    That same illusion was responsible for some hurt feelings that fall, when I accidentally bonus- balled a teammate during rec play when he tried advancing through an open field on my bunker. I put a few in the air to lead him... and he predictably moved into the path of all of them.

    He asked what my ramp was set to... "I think it's set to - clack clack - PUMP."

    Easily the best two days of play I've had. I'm otherwise predictably mediocre.

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      Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post

      Isn’t that cheating with holding the arm bands anyway?
      It certainly felt like it to me. When something like that isn’t specifically addressed beforehand i consider it off limits. The thing that irritated me though was the fact that i was clearly not eliminated when opened up on us. He was just a jerk about it because his little bit of subterfuge hadn’t paid off like he hoped.


        1v1 speedball tournament around 15 years ago. Final game and I let a single shot fly off the break before running to a bunker that just happened to tag my opponent in the lens as he ran. 90% luck, 10% skill. Worst part was when my opponent was given the victory because the ref called me out for a shot on my pack - clearly old, wiped off, and dried up from a past game - and later admitted they just wanted to give the other guy the loot. That was the last time I played at that field, and they went belly up a few years later. Charity is great and all, but not when you're robbing others to do it.
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          Mission FAILED!

          Once upon a time the guy that owns the property we played on was doing some logging and told us that we should play that area because it would be a fun switch.

          We get down to a 3v1 with the last guy on the other team bunkered down some place in the brush and a large open swath full of ruts between us and the area I though he was hiding in waiting to live out fantasies of being a sniper.

          So I figure that we needed a distraction, someone to draw fire so that the rest of the team could figure out where the shots were coming from, in my bright red Hawaiian I stand up, starts skipping down the hill and yell "IIIIII'm FROOOLLICKING!".

          Unfortunately It seems that everyone else on the field was so confused and laughing that I actually made it to the downed trees and non of us had any idea where that last guy was.
          Originally posted by MAr
          ... Nish deleted it...

          Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

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            My first time playing indoor airball, and the first time out with my home-built Minicocker, will always stay with me. 10 players on each side. I don't think there were any beginners, so novices and mostly experienced players. Off the break, I run to the back right as one of the players on my side gets an elimination from our beer can at the center 10. I see my chance, signal to the guy at the beer can, run across and up the field to the left 50, which has a snake and a small dorito on each end. I shoot out two players cross-field from the near-side dorito, move up to the dorito at the other far end of the snake and get two more cross-field eliminations. Next I moved to a beer can at their center ~30, shoot out two on the right, and two to the left, and finish up with a barrel tag at their rear center beer can. I was moving fast enough and using cover effectively so none of the opposing players could keep track of me. The game was over in 25 seconds, and I was on fire the rest of the day. I've had plenty of good days playing indoor airball, but that was the best.
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