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Anyone else having issues with TWB?

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    Anyone else having issues with TWB?

    Wasn't sure where to put this so dead box it is

    Anyone else having issues with loading the whiteboard? For me this started a few months ago I think when doc did some updates to the site but it started taking forever to load. I tried again today and it's even worse, the page will initially load but then locks up my browser for about 2 minutes. After that it's kind of hit or miss if it allows me to control anything or not. In essence it locks up my phone, can't even get out of my browser and even if I do, when I open up the browser again it's still on TWB so everything just locks up again.

    Anyone else having issues? How do you view TWB?

    Android using Google chrome

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    Recently did a re-read, so I've been on there a lot 🙄 Mostly duckduckgo on Android, haven't been having any issues

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      I was having issues loading it yesterday, but everything seems to be back up and running now.