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Ebay used part seller secret identities revealed??

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    Ebay used part seller secret identities revealed??

    Was just chatting with a MCB member about who sells used cocker parts and wanted to throw this topic out there.

    Anybody know of larger ebay used part sellers that are also around off ebay --- on forums or FB etc --- and might be open to off-system inquiries? Talking about the bigger guys with regular listing volume. I'm less active nowadays but was always happy to hear from people on forums and save them some taxes/fees....

    Jake B, good guy and on many forums, he's in this post & easy to reach.

    On MCB

    docsmachine also here on MCB same name

    (coming soon)

    Me. "Mueller" on pb forums or jersies in northern IL.

    Shocktech mat auctions, unsure if he's around on forums anybody know?

    rytrisc_0 give him a shout

    PB sports store out of Indiana

    Python Hobbyshop
    Out in Fresno, known by many - not sure if he's on forums. Anybody know, or want to refer him here to offer contact info?

    ... I think there's actually 2 separate people posting those? relentlessPB, and someone else.

    Seems to be fairly well known and i think runs a website already, and isn't too heavy in USED parts that i've seen
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    Pballjay =

    I always recommend his online shop, fast shipping too.


    • JeepDVLZ45


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      I've bought quote a bit through PBallJay over the past couple years. They're really good

    • imped4now
      imped4now commented
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      Jay Wonderly, owner of PB Sports in Fort Wayne, IN. Legendarily cool guy and an amazing shop.

    DCL-INC is here also just buy them flip on Evilbay


      Yes, yes. Let’s put together a list of people not to sell to.


        Superman = Jake B. = bearded_Works (

        Mostly selling new items (Shocktech, Inception) , but may add some used stuff now and then.
        Bearded Works Facebook
        Bearded Works Group
        Bearded Works Youtube

        I buy Automags and Parts: if your looking to let something go, shoot me a pm


          I was jackel411 on there but have ceased operations in 2021..... And unless you were buying vintage clothing I didn't matter after 2019 lol


            I have bought from Hellion360 on here and eBay. Deals with Inception new stuff.

            Yeah I would like to find out who PYTHON HOBBYSHOP is too. I bought a ton of stuff from him when I was working on my Pimps.
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            • Hellion360


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              Unusual for me to sell used on eBay but it does happen on small parts. Not very time efficient really so I put it off until I have batches of similar things to list.

            Easier to do back door deals if you have their off-ebay contact information....


            • JeepDVLZ45


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              We all love "the back door"

            Krochcommander or something like that is a dude on Facebook who is responsive and good to deal with. I've seen a lot of cool stuff on his eBay. Not very helpful but I can't remember his name right now.
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            Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
            Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


            • scottieb


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              And every item is rare!

            Krotchmander yea I've worked with him, good dude. "Krotch Commander" I imagine Jay (w/ silent bob) yelling, hah....


              I have very sneakily hidden myself under the clever eBay pseudonym docsmachine, where no one would think to look for me.

              (Inventory's a bit low at the moment, but I have a pile of new on the way, and have been going through some of my old stuff recently, and sorting out a few older goodies I don't need, which will eventually get listed.)

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                I am also being very covert and using the same username. Matter of fact I have the same username for here, PBN, AO, EBay, PayPal, etc. I don’t sell a whole lot on there, but I’m pretty easy to find if you see something I have listed that you want.
                I also just put in the product description that you can contact me on here. So far haven’t been flagged for that and was hoping it might send a few like minded people this direction to check out the forum.


                  Originally posted by wthomas333 View Post
                  I also just put in the product description that you can contact me on here. So far haven’t been flagged .
                  Same, and it kills me when I see names on my shipping batches of people I KNOW are on forums and know who I am.... I get the convenience, but man, just let me save you some money....


                    Originally posted by mueller View Post
                    Krotchmander yea I've worked with him, good dude. "Krotch Commander" I imagine Jay (w/ silent bob) yelling, hah....
                    I know this guy from his former field in the Twin cities. Good guy and still runs a team or two.


                      dcl-inc & pythons hobbyshop are both excellent sellers. I have been buying, selling, & trading with them for years - on and off thebay - no issues.

                      Riot it’s easy to see your point of view, but it does take a lot of effort to sell parts. Pictures, pricing, listing, packaging, shipping, messaging etc.. both of those sellers do not price gouge. I appreciate their parting, it makes it easier than buying a whole marker for one part.

                      relentlesspb & rytrisc_0 should be added to the list