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Funniest thing you've seen a rental player do

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    Funniest thing you've seen a rental player do

    This was more the fields fault, but when this girl got all her rental gear and tried the mask on, something pretty funny happened. When she took the mask off her face looked like a raccoon lol. I guess another rental player had painted their face in some thick green camo and that got transfered to the mask foam and the field forgot to clean it lol

    I watched a guy play an entire village game with his barrel cover on. We were dying laughing.

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      I've started points with my cover on... Trying to run & gun while taking off a barrel cover is always fun.

    Playing several years back with a friend, we were working our way together to take out the last player on the other team. My buddy took a shot right in the nuts...not funny I know...but what was funny was he hit the deck belly down then tried to roll over on his back. The whole time he was holding his junk and he would get to his side and his pod pack would stop him from going all the way over on his back. It was him trying many times and always ending up back on his stomach that was so funny.
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      I always got a kick out of the renters that would disappear during a game. They clearly had to have gone out of bounds of the typical playing area to not hear us screaming "GAME OVER" several times. We'd always do a manhunt for the kids before continuing, but older teenagers and adults would have to find their own way back. All trails lead back to the field house, but some paths were much shorter than others. So they'd reappear 30-90 minutes later asking if the game was over. On rare occasion, when we had enough players to open the larger play area but too few to have easy communication across field, I'd have to grab a couple of cold drinks for me and the lost souls before going out to find them. The milsim guys were always the worst... hold up behind a fallen tree in a distant river bed or something... ugh.
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        Once I happened to get split up on a walk-on team with a bunch of kids, like 12ish, and the dad leading the group. He looks over at me as the game is about to begin and says, "well, I guess it's just you, me, and the halflings"
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          I saw a kids c02 tank burst and spew everywhere, it was caught on video, so I got to laugh again and again.


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            I kinda want to see that. Assuming no one got killed or hideously maimed

          Years ago when I first started playing, my "home field" was a cool indoor place - called Hit 'n Run in Tigard, OR not to be confused with the OG Hit 'n Run - aaaand in the middle of a game, this kid goes to the corner and takes a leak.

          Last time I played, I one-balled a rental right between the eyes. They kept playing on somehow. Pretty sure I hit them once more, but they wouldn't go out - which I can understand them being new and all. I got tired of yelling to them "on your face, you're out!", but it was funny to see the ref go up to pull them out then assist with clearing off their lens. Shrug!
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            Last year while playing at OXH one weekend, a small group of us self-equipped walk-ons were walking through the staging area. There was a young boy from a private group standing by the netting of the speedball field. He looked at our guns, your typical PE, Axes, whatever else and said “These guys are pros. How did you unlock that gun?”