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Should We Do Forum T-Shirt?

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    Ok, so I went dipping into he whole Printful service and made jerseys for my team. I noticed teams are using rash guards as jerseys. Also saw that BJJ practitioners are using them as well. Well I took all my artwork for the team and made 100% custom jerseys for 3 of us, as a test. They finally came today and I'm jazzed!

    Yes, they are exact... I mean, they are rash guards. I bought a size up and it leaves enough room for arm pads. Only drawback is I've already got a couple of snags from the inside/hook side velcro of my harness. Just be sure to cover that up before getting your pack on.

    Other than that, these are pretty awesome for how inexpensive they are vs most others. Not a bad service for making some official mcb jerseys with some hawaiian patterns and our numbers!
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      Oh shoot, this should have gone to the jersey number thread... Right?

    Originally posted by rawbutter View Post
    If we do use the combat manual image, or some variation thereof, I do think it should say paintball manual instead of combat manual. Like this version.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	combat manual.jpg
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    When I see the image on this forum, I obviously know what it's referring to, but to the uninitiated, I could see "combat manual" starting some strange conversations.
    I have artist friends who like to draw cute girls... I am gently nudging them to "update" this design...
    I am patient...
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      T-shirt would be great, or even a basic long-sleeve that could be played in would be cool. I've seen ChoSanJuan 's rash guard in person and they're pretty cool, and functional.

      The other possibility is setting up some sort of teespring-like store, somethings that's printed on order, and folks can just order the size and style they want whenever they want. May be a bit more expensive, but that way we don't miss anyone and new members don't feel like they missed out.
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        Thats how the Carter Commando jersey are setup.

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        Correct, and that's how I got mine, but I guess I'm talking about something less "jersey" and more "apparel". Something I wouldn't feel weird wearing out to a bbq or out fishing.