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Ramping in rec?

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    Ramping shouldn't be allowed in general rec play, especially in a mixed crowd with rentals.

    I really like how Xtreme has a gravity hopper rule on Saturdays. If someone wants to use an electro they can but they are limited to gravity feed hoppers. It cuts back on being able to light up a new player.


      I've used ramping with rec players, but I set it to the 5.5 rule that the mech events use. Otherwise I'll treat playing games like that as practice and work on one-balling, snap shooting, and the like, other than breakout shots; sometimes that results in me being over confident and getting smoked, but I guess it is a good lesson. I also try very hard to only shoot rental / new players once or twice if at all possible, and apologize profusely if I do hit them more than that, much like I do if I shoot someone who is walking off the field (see movement, turn, shoot, whoops.) Other self-geared players that are ramping are fair game, doubly so if they are being a dick. If I'm super prepared I'll have a pump or mech marker with me, but that is a crap shoot.

      The local field was always really good about splitting groups up evenly so people with electro's were divided up, or we were all together and it was 5 on 20. Hopefully once they re-open that will continue.
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        I very much dislike seeing ramping during normal rec play. I'd like to see non-adjustable semi auto only throughout the match.
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          Win by any means necessary. Anyone saying otherwise is just a sore loser.


          • nerdcore
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            Make traps on the field, like leaf-covered pits filled with paintballs instead of spikes. Dig tunnels like the viet-cong.

          ^ I’m kidding.


            I'm of the opinion that Electronic guns shouldn't be present if there are rental players on field. At the very least, the players with electronic guns should be limited to using a gravity feed loader. I despise ramping not only because it creates a firehouse of paint with ease, but because it eliminated trigger skill in the tournament scene.
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              Ill echo the room to say, a lot of the jerseyed guys that play at my field are the same. Its tourney level play for no reason. I know a good chunk of my local guys, a good few of them were on my team years ago. A prime example this.. Last year I showed up to walk on play. 13 or so rentals.. two jeresyed teams of friends all whom I know, and me. We were staged together and chatting. The jerseyed guys begged to be allowed to stay together so they can practice. The refs allowed it. I was cool with it assuming ill take the challenge, but I figured refs would mix it up gaging how it goes each game..... So teams were me with my walz, 13 rentals vs 14 jerseyed dudes. They still carried 6 pods each every fucking point. I tried to keep the rentals in the game having fun, but it was essentially a slaughter every point. They never once agreed to mixing things up even when I asked a few times. Im still secretly salty at all of em for it, I played it cool all day.

              Paintball brings a lot of types, and unfortunately the try hard is a common one.


              • Impactfour


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                There's nothing like watching the 40 year old d5:tryhard run the tape on a bunch of kids at a birthday party, dumping an entire hopper along the way.

              • Cdn_Cuda


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                Those guys attitudes suck. How are they getting better playing against unskilled players? They aren’t. See that attitude all the time though. Guys don’t want to be split up.

              • MrBarraclough
                MrBarraclough commented
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                Playing against completely overmatched opponents isn't "practice." If anything, it might make one worse from reinforcing bad habits. Those jackasses were being either delusional or disingenuous.

              BrickHaus it breaks my heart reading your post. I can't believe the refs let that happen.

              I think people should be free to play with what they brought (within reason)
              As long as the teams are even you do you.

              On the other hand there is no honour in ramping. I would never use it in rec play


              • BrickHaus


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                No worries man. I still love the field, and most of the guys. few of them have apologized for that day without me saying anything. The others lost a few Rep points.

                It was honestly a ref who wanted to be friends with the cool kids though, which was a huge part of the problem, the jerseyed guys even got away with shooting him a few times before a game countdown, and laughed and kept taking pop shots. The ref took it and just started the game once they decided to stop. I was furious at that. The disrespect. I walked with the ref afterwards, and said if thats how they treat you they aren't your friends.

                I will say it was one of the worst days of ball Ive had in quite a while, but it wasn't that bad of a day. I still went to B dubbs with a few of the lot.

              My home field is 10.2 all modes and 300fps. 10bps is 10 balls per second regardless of the mode. I think 3 or 6 round burst is way worse since once you pull the trigger its flyin. And at close range when you could of easily one balled them, now is getting shot repeatedly. If you can't walk the trigger I see nothing wrong with ramping at the same speed as all the other players so you can keep up. .

              This seems to be to protect renters and noobs. My home field has begineer only open games, and advanced only open. that is the only solution. I sometimes play with my Brass Eagle tigershark with a bucket changer in the begineer crowd when i miss the advanced group go out. .

              Also our renters get either an Emek or Etha 2 for only a few bucks (i think $5) more. .
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                Ramping has absolutely no place in Rec walkon games.

                it was designed for league play. Where if you play you accept the rules. It should stay in league play or private games where everyone accepts it.


                  Going agree with the vast majority. No need to ramp in walk-on woods balls or really anywhere with rentals. First thing I do on any electro I own (very few) is put it in semi auto and I think it’s been a decade since I even played a game with an electro. You have a big enough advantage having your own gear. You have more of an advantage using an electro. To then need a further advantage of ramping on top all that makes you a special kind of a-hole.
                  Cuda's Feedback


                    No ramping in mixed walk on play. If you don't have enough trigger discipline to control your fire depending on the makeup of the players, then stay off the field. If you feel the need to bully someone, go somewhere else and get some mental health assistance....

                    Bullys, wipers, they are one and the same... Don't sugarcoat it... Give them no respect...


                      I like the way my field handles it:
                      They're a decent sized facility with 3 separate fields. There's usually enough players to have games running on at least two fields simultaneously, so the tournament players and/or tryhards get herded into the airball field while the rentals, pumpers and mech players have the other two fields to choose from. While you certainly can join whichever group you like, if you're going too hard in one or getting destroyed in the other, the staff will generally try and steer you into the group you're more suited for.

                      As far as ramping goes, it's definitely easy to misuse in rec play. If all the players are getting grouped together, everyone who isn't running a high-speed rig suffers as soon as one or two players begin dumping the contents of their hopper indiscriminately toward everyone else. Noobs get rekt and decide they'd rather play some other game instead.
                      Of course, at the old field I went to years ago, many of the ramping tryhards would defend their actions by claiming they needed to play at max intensity to get ready for a tournament or some horse crap. Dude, you're "practicing" against a "team" of 11-year-olds and their grandma, how much tournament experience do you think you're gaining? lol


                        I'm going to be the unpopular dissenter, sort of.

                        Field culture will always be more important than ramping.

                        Now, ramping allowed at a field with bad culture is a terrible thing. Ramping at fields with good management, qualified refs, and regular players committed to a good culture can be trouble free. I have been part of that.

                        Now, I don't like ramping. Any electronic marker I have owned has been set to semi. I carry 2 pods regardless of my marker. I just can't dismiss it as a universal problem.


                        • Jonnydread


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                          I can get on board with this. One of our local fields does allow ramping and it’s rarely a problem, but they have a solid field culture and good refs.

                        100% field culture. I actually use high ROF (semi-only, never ramping...but wouldn't shun ramping at moderate ROF) to try and excite new players - both those I'm with and those I'm against. I've actually had adult colleagues squeal with delight at experiencing a 15+bps rip at the target range. One of the field tactics is to rattle their bunker and see if it rattles them as well. If it does, give them the ol' adage: "If it's hitting your bunker, it's not hitting you." Another one, though this is usually with some forewarning, is to let them experience what it's like to have paint whizzing by a few inches next to their head while watching it come in from down range. I even like for them to feel exposed when running through open areas, so laying down a lane from a decent distance is certainly part of it - even when I'd only put three or four out if I was just going for the elimination. This is an adrenaline sport after all, and a high ROF feeds into that very well. While I commend those that try, I really don't think there's a good reason to cater to timid, scared, shy players on the paintball field other than to give them a gentle reason to find the exit.

                        All of that said, I haven't had much opportunity to play for over a decade now. When I do, I play pump. That's what's fun for me. I enjoy the increased movement and exchanging shots more than elimination-by-volume and run-throughs. I've played with the walk-on groups a few times over the years and found that I still prefer to play pump no matter what they're shooting. It's just a more comfortable setup for me. If I could mount my DualPheed on my GTEK I totally would... in fact, that maybe a good project. I think that's the same for most people on these boards. We clearly do not play pump for budgetary reasons - not with CCM pumps going for north of $2k and antique brass fetching more than some modern electros.
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