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4x Freak Insert Case Solution

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    4x Freak Insert Case Solution

    Only have 4 standard length Freak inserts and need a cheap solution for a case? This 2.5" external hard drive case is perfect and was only $6 shipped.

    Pouch Bag Portable Drives Cover for 2.5" Portable Hard Disk Drive HDD. 1 HDD bag. Zipper closure design for easy opening and closing. Item Includes.

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    Nintendo DS cases also work great and are regularly available on clearance these days.
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      I use something similar. I can squeeze a few in the front pocket on mine as well if needed.


        I'm still looking for a way to carry them that's better than a cardboard box, and is compact. Will likely find a similar case on the Amazonian's site.
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          Thats a great idea, I need one that fits freak XL as I only have 4 XL inserts
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            Hmm, wonder if there's something out there that will work well for the Nova inserts.
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            One of the guys I was at the field with yesterday was showing off the XL and standard freak cases that he makes. $20 I believe. Here's his Facebook page since it looks like his website is dead.
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              Cheap Cigar cases work for standard inserts quite well.

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                Grendel 4 inserts and an H. Upmann "The Banker" for after the game.
       (I picked the fanciest 5-cigar case from the image search and somehow its from Home Depot?)