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One that got away.

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    One that got away.

    I was reading a post about a gun another member sold. For a moment I was almost glad I still have all of the paintball guns I have ever owned. Then it hit me... I gave away a gun many moons ago to a very good friend. He has since passed away and I wish I had that gun back because paintball and gaming were the hobbies we shared the most. I doubt I will ever see it again... his mother had no idea if it was even still around.

    the gun in question? A .50 revolver. One of the infamous ammo box guns. (No, I have not found the other box with the complete guns and maybe never will.) If you ever played paintball at Nebraski back in the day my friend might have been your ref. He carried the revolver and shot cheaters with it... "You have paint on you now. That's once. Don't make me shoot you again." A second time got them thrown out.

    I would like to have that gun back because I really miss my friend.

    Do you want a gun back for a special reason? Was it your first? Did it remind you of a friend? Was it the best you ever had? What one gun do you want back and why?

    (To the best of my knowledge that is the only paintball gun I have ever let go once I owned it. Heck I even have a Talon and a Tac5.)

    I kind of miss my old Tribal Twister, but I'd bet that if I had it back now I wouldn't like it as much as I did back then. I imagine that in a few years I will regret having sold my Avratech guns (1 of 10 prototype Falcon and gen1 R7), as well as the Spine autococker I'm building right now and will sell when it's finished. I'm a minimalist though, I want as little as possible. I'm working pretty hard at getting down to 2 guns total.


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      Wow 2 guns?! Last I heard you had 12. I approve of this downsize, being a "minimalist" myself - or at least trying to be.

    • Magmoormaster
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      Haha I got down to 6, then some stuff came up... I will probably buy #10 later today.

    The only complete guns I ever let go were a pair of PMI-1 DFs to Walz. One was the first Sheridan I ever owned, bought it leaking from an Army surplus store and learned the platform on it--this was supposed to be the "patient" converted into a KPMI. The second gun I got off the 'bay for the Cooper-T back bottle kit and it also went to Walz in partial trade for the build.

    He ended up making the KPMI out of the intended trade gun so I lost my first Sheridan. I never said a word until now because it was no big deal really, but I kinda regret giving it up at all, even to be converted. I never did anything with it other than clean it, fix it, and add a fassst changer, RVA, and a cheap fishing line detent, but it had the nicest original silky brown finish, worn down in all the right places, and a nice heft that just felt right with a little pocket hopper. You never forget your first
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      Originally posted by Magmoormaster View Post
      but I'd bet that if I had it back now I wouldn't like it as much as I did back then.
      And there's the kicker. I don't regret any marker sales.

      ... Except one, which still reinforces my previous line. My first A-5. First gen, Flatline, RT kit, and eventually a Trinity AK fake mag x-chamber. Loved that marker. Sold it to a guy I shot with years ago, haven't heard from him in over a dozen years. Every A-5 I've purchased since then to try & re-ignite the love for my original has not felt the same. You never forget it but nothing, not even re-acquiring your first, feels the same.

      I wonder if he still has it, or if he even remembers me, lol. Doubt it. But now I am sad.
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        years and years ago, i stumbled across the spyder E77 and E88 (prototypes?) on ebay. Action Village. There was also a custom anno spyder that i couldnt afford. I picked up the two but had to leave the grey body. When i went back, it was gone. It was black with yellow splash (?) i can t even remember the details at this point.


          Even the markers I had somewhat of an attachment for, I end up selling. Sure, I will miss them but I know I can get something similar if not the exact gun back. That being said, there is one Phantom that stands out I wish I hadn't sold. Bought it off ebay for cheap, has super cool factory ano. Did a bunch of stuff to it, sold it like an idiot. I think maybe I will try to hunt it down now.
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            I learned how to play using a blue acid washed VSC Phantom with clear parts I bought off eBay. Eventually I bought an SS-25 and neglected that Phantom. Took it apart one day and never put it back together again and with 3 MUCH younger siblings running all over the house, piece by piece it disappeared.

            All because I was too lazy to put it back together. I kick myself in the ass for losing it that way.


              Oddly enough, my highly upgraded Piranha Evo. It had a CCM feedneck, Boss blade trigger, delrin bolt, Alamo city hammer, Evil detonator reg, and a full Evil pipe kit. It's actually in my avatar. It shot so well for a lower end marker. I had to sell it for rent money long ago when I first starting living on my own.


                Only gun I regret selling is this Eclipse Cocker:

                Scored the body as a kit and hunted down the rest of the parts. Got turned down by everyone except FX when I told them I wanted this specific British Racing Green ano color. Honestly never shot super well, but I loved the look of it.

                Had to sell it when a gig went bad and left me really hard up for cash. Killed me because nobody was interested and it sold for way less than it was worth. Next owner got almost double for it. The current owner isn't interested in selling it back :/


                • Menso


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                  Oof. That thing is beautiful.

                The one I miss is a 45 Squall. Finicky but gorgeous.

                Oh, and Jonny reminded me, that Super Stocker. Which also reminded me of that Palmerized PGP2k...I should stop selling Sheridans. Turns out I like them?
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                • Jonnydread


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                  Did you ever find your old Super Stocker?

                • Diomedes


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                  No! Keeping an eye out...

                Originally posted by fullofpaint View Post
                this specific British Racing Green ano color
                I see why you liked it, that's an awesome color. At least you know where it is so hopefully it can make its way home some day.



                  I don't miss any of the guns I've sold. My current collection makes me way happier.

                  I wouldn't mind having my first Cocker- a Mini with an Eclipse hinge- but the one I have now duplicates all the parts except the body and blocks. I'm also done buying more guns, so, unless it's given to me for nothing, I won't go out of my way to get it.
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                    There for a long while, the one that got away was my very first marker... a BE Talon I had modified with a 16" rifled ThunderPig barrel. But I managed to track her down and she is back where she belongs.

                    I had an old 98 that got away. It had all the paint ground off, a hacked off rear sight, homemade low pressure modded valve, homemade lightened hammer, homemade top-cocking mod, PPS Stabilizer, probably a homemade anti-chop bolt from before I realized they were garbage, of course a J&J Ceramic barrel (they were "THE" barrel for Tippmanns back in ~2000)... I'm sure I am missing something, as the list of modifications to it was never-ending... it was the byproduct of boredom and experimentation. Pretty sure it had an aluminum powertube and Orange bolt, though. Hopefully I wasn't stupid enough back then to hack up an Orange bolt for a stupid anti-chop mod, but I was 14, so anything is poasible. It had mis-matched screws holding the clamshells together, but I don't think I ever chopped the shell for whatever quick disassembly mod was semi-popular at the time.

                    I have absolutely no use for a Tippy 98 right meow, but if I ever see that old hunk of $#!+ pop up for sale, I will probably be compelled to buy it.
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                      Im on ebay a lot, i feel that got away from me feeling constantly on their. So much cool stuff comes and goes. On here too of course.


                        Back around 2015 I sold a RT Classic I built from parts that had a very rare black 'euro-feed' body, and the whole thing was damn near mint condition. I loved it above all my other markers, but as my wife was in nursing school, and we had a kid in a very expensive daycare, we had no money. I had to sell off all my markers, and a bunch of collectibles like diecast WW2 tanks, books, etc, just to get us some extra cash to get by. It was very depressing, and the lowest point in our marriage. Years later I found the guy who ended up with my RT on Facebook. He is a well known mag guy, and I let him know that I used to own it and would love to buy it back. He was totally cool about it and said if he ever did that he would be sure to give me first dibbs. Fast forward a couple years to earlier this summer and he put it up for sale on one of the FB Automag group pages, saying that he hoped the original owner would hit him up because he couldn't remember my name. Unfortunately, for some reason, I never saw his post until the next day, by which time he had given up locating me and sold it off. I was stunned and pissed that by some fluke I had missed out on getting my baby back. The seller felt real bad that I hadn't reached him earlier, and the new owner reached out to me to find out the back story of the RT. Well, he ended up being the nicest guy in the world, and I couldn't help but be happy that it ended with someone cool that I'd totally invite to play with my group if he was local. As a happy ending, back in '19 I had luckily snagged another black 'euro-feed' RT off ebay from a long time Automag Org member, and built it into almost the exact same marker as the RT I had sold off and I use it every time I play!