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One that got away.

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    Originally posted by boarder2k7 View Post

    I see why you liked it, that's an awesome color. At least you know where it is so hopefully it can make its way home some day.
    I wish, but the collector that has it is well known for not selling anything and expressly didn't want to sell it back to me either.

    Been keeping my eye out for another one in beat up shape I can recreate it with but no luck so far.


      Over a decade ago I snagged a pre2k belsales autococker right-feed, with a really sick anodizing of blue and metallic marble pattern, looked like blue marble that had been chipped, and beneath the chips was chrome. It had all original ano'd parts like grip ASA, backblock, pneumatics cover, extendable gas-through stock, nickle plated belsales pneumatics, nickle palmers HPR, chromed heavy steel barrel, some custom chrome bolt, belsales and palmers internals, polished slide trigger with 3 set screws.

      I played with it only once, she was always a troubled girl. I quickly learned how to time it properly, how to fully strip and rebuild it, but for some reason the hammer always had a bit of an issue with catching on the sear. The ram and bolt cycled fine, the ram length made sure the bolt barely edged into the breach, all springs were still sprung and when it fired it was smooth, 3way tuned to give a small window between firing and cycling.

      I never figured out what was wrong with it, later I wondered if it was something do with the hammer lug not being set to the right length but by that time it ended taken apart and collecting dust in a closet before being sold along with everything else I owned to get out of paintball.


        Blazer 2075 standard black blazer. Sold on ebay. Kept in touch with guy via email for years but finally his email kicked back saying the address did not exist anymore.

        It wasn't really special except I think that it lacked the little weld dots by the vertical ASA.

        Let me know if you find BZ2075


          Lime green 2k2 Shoebox and I don't even remember what happened to it
          πŸ’€ PK x Ragnastock πŸ’€


            I kinda miss my old luxe 2.0 oled and my bob long vcom. Not my style anymore, i went pretty much mech only besides some older markers i like the look of. But most of them would have trouble getting up to 10-12 bps so its all about looks and feel not speed.

            Luxe went on the bay and William the Third got my vcom along with a bunch of other stuff in a big lot sale.

            they were useful in high player count scenario games. kinda why i want them again. but i think id still rather rock what i got now then them again. My raptor shoot fast too


              Missed out on a lot of brass eagle stuff ive wanted but thats just a given with how much i follow the stuff. XD


                My Micro-Sniper P-block. I had a full size Sniper-II for a few years, and had wanted to try to make a P-Block Sniper, so I used my Sniper-II as the victim/donor. After I cut it for a p-block I brought it into Pacific Paintball where I worked, and Chris Haggin said. "Pretty Cool. Why don't you shorten the body 1" and P-block it again?"

                Sigh- Ok, so I took it home and shortened the body 1" at the rear, and did the P-block again, shortened the already shortened bolt, etc. I also cut the front of the body back to Sniper-3 dimensions, and side-tapped it for C02, and made an Airgun designs back-bottle ASA into an angled bottom line (you couldn't buy those off the shelf in '93).

                I shortened the hammer, shortened the IVG (which was now retained by the rear grip frame screw), and found an old Nelson pump handle, shortened it, and tapped it for a shortened pump rod. I put one of the green mini-cocker barrels on it. I wound the velocity up as high as it would go and it shot 340 fps, which was a good sign. I had it re-anodized matte black, and put it together and hung on the rack in the store.

                Gabe, who was one of the employees made me an offer on it couldn't refuse, so off it went, and I never got to play with it.

                20 Years later I found Gabe on Facebook and asked him if he still had it, and if he'd sell it. Nope- when he lived in New York a neighbor kid had seen it, and pleaded to look at it everytime he was over. Gabe finall;y gave it to him, and the kid moved back to Israel and joined the IDF.

                So, IDF kid/guy: If you ever decide to sell that matte-black Micro-P Sniper, let me know.


                  Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post
                  Lime green 2k2 Shoebox and I don't even remember what happened to it
                  I don't know if this is the same, but you sold me a Cerakote-ed vertical-feed green body and a bunch of parts a while ago. The purple tray is on my Glacier-boarded Shocker, and I've since picked up another body, as well as did some reshuffling. Anyway, that body is stripped. Yours if you want it.
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                  • Jonnydread


                    Editing a comment
                    Thanks, but that one was a parts shocker that I acquired in early 2019 (I think). The lime one I had around 2004 that I bought when shoebox values dropped sharply cause they weren't 'fast enough'. I took a hiatus from playing from 2006-2009 and I have a feeling that it was a victim of the purge, I just don't specifically remember selling it. Probably went on the Nation.

                  • lew


                    Editing a comment
                    Gotcha. Oh well. At least the one you sold me performed it's function as a good pats donor, and then I found all the parts to rebuild that. Another Shocker. Hooray!

                  I briefly owned a BBT Stroker - PPS modified a number of Typhoons and a couple of Strokers to have removable barrels for BBT, and I sold mine because I didn't like the backbottle setup on it.

                  I believe Wolf13 owns it... wish I could grab it off him but I doubt I could afford it now.
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                    An orange acid phantom duckslide package slipped by me. Total kit with 2x2 DOT* hydro excepted 13ci 3000 tank, dropout changer, VSC, stock, freak bored, all black and orange acid. This was my GRAIL find of a lifetime and not only did I miss it by 3 hours, it sold for less than my offer to someone who isn't interested in selling even with $100-$200 extra. I even had a WTB thread up and my last bump was less than two DAYS ago. Go figure.
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                        there aren't many guns from over the years I wish I had been able to snag, I miss one or 2 really neat ones from my early years.

                        An Automag that was traded to me early on for a brick red Matrix, it was a Chord v2,rpg 90,xvalve lvl10. All the bells and whistles, I was like 16 and traded it to my buddy for a strange impulse? Maybe? Its been 15 years haha.

                        The same friend scored a very intesting Orracle pump on the nation at one point, it had a Sanchez(spelling?) Pump kit, a custom feed tube, and was a very nice red and blue, we called it superman. It was the first pump I ever shot, he ended up trading it away, and if it ever pops up I will move a mountain to get it. He passed away a few years back and I'm not really sure what ended up happening to his gear that he did have left over. Got his sportbike tho.

                        So yeah if you got a blue and red Orracle pump off GearHeadedPenguin or something like that 10 years ago i want that marker haha.