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Hogan's Alley rocks

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    Hogan's Alley rocks

    I highly recommend shopping online from Hogan's Alley. Free shipping on everything and no tax 😁They always ship quickly, too. Last year I had a weird network issue preventing me from completing an order and they helped me out, sent a PayPal invoice. Recently ordered a few things, and kept forgetting to add stuff but it's nice to be able to place another order and have no shipping or tax added. They also hydro tanks, send you an empty box with prepaid label and fast turn around.
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    Hogan's Alley Paintball and Airsoft has been serving Connecticut since 1998. We do everything; games, sales, instruction, birthday parties, and service. Our paintball facility has a 5000 square foot super store with everything you could want in new or used paintball or airsoft equipment. Our 15 acre field has six different courses to play on, each with a different theme. Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company and the sport we love to play

    This one?


    For a minute I thought you went to their new field and was like WTF man you come to New England and don't reach out to play?
    💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


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      You will be the first to know whenever I make it up to your neck of the wood

    Did they end up getting a new field going? Really miss living close to the physical store.
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      New field is up and running at Powder Ridge.
      I’m hosting the first event there… No pressure, eh? lol