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My "Have You Seen" Thread

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    My "Have You Seen" Thread

    Remaking a thread from the Old MCB, with a couple of past markers I'm always keeping an eye out for. If you happen to come upon any of these, do me a solid and let me know?

    Scratch built Super Stocker PS186, right offset reverse Phantom feed

    Palmerized PGP2k 202701338

    45 Squall SQ2058
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    Last edited by Diomedes; 10-17-2020, 09:25 PM.

    Pics no worky.


      Booooooooo thank you. Should work now.


        Pics work now.

        Here are two that have been gone a long time. I would love to find them again.
        1. Left feed Evolution I got from Walrus a long time ago. Sure miss it.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	evolution 2.JPG
Views:	98
Size:	33.1 KB
ID:	44474
        2. Superman Micromag. I can't remember who bought this one from me but I miss this one too and would like to get it back.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	superman micromag for sale 1.JPG
Views:	91
Size:	77.3 KB
ID:	44475
        FEEDBACK -


          Please, one of you, dig this out of the back of some distant friends closet for me. I’ve bought and sold it twice already, and I’m ready to buy again.
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            X-Mag 205
            dust silver, with a weird pink tint in certain light, came with a non CNC battery originally, and only a warp breech, as you can see the match was not perfect, but it want so bad that you notice it either

            i dont want it back or anything, i just want to know that its in good hands