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Is J&J Performance out of business?

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    Is J&J Performance out of business?

    Let me know if this is a duplicate question. I tried searching the forum for this first but when I searched for "J&J" and "J & J" it said "Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again." The term "JJ" just got some sales thread results.

    I was trying to suggest an SL-68 II to someone on Reddit and tried to send a link to J&J, which as of last July when I bought one, still had Sl-68 14" barrels.

    Their website deems to be down and I found this Reddit thread asking if anyone knew what happened to it

    I also found this company which has a similar logo and is also located in Ohio I asked them if they were a subsidiary, but I haven't heard back yet.

    Edit 09/19/23: I got a response from the launcher company, "Sorry, that is not us.
    We are not related to the J&J performance, that it the paintball manufacturer, in Shreve, Ohio. Thanks,

    Does anyone know what is going on with J&J?
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    Owner recently died and honestly I've not heard anything about them in like a decade..... they had a truck at an old ION game, I bought it there funky older barrels.


      I think they closed up shop sometime in the late 2000s, the last time I remembered going on their site was around 2009-2010ish.
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        I also tried going on their site recently and was surprised to see it down because I bought a couple of barrel backs from them a couple years ago. I have a J&J Edge barrel kit from forever ago, but wanted some smaller backs and they had .676 and .679. on their website that I could add to my kit.

      Weren't they bought out by KEE? I remember seeing their stuff in KEE catalogs something like a decade ago.


        Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post
        I think they closed up shop sometime in the late 2000s, the last time I remembered going on their site was around 2009-2010ish.
        I've been to the Web page in the last year. You couldn't buy anything direct from them but I think that was always the case.

        If they are gone that is really sad, I've always liked their stuff

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