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Usefulness of Panzerwurfmine (short range thrown AT weapon) for paintball

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    Usefulness of Panzerwurfmine (short range thrown AT weapon) for paintball

    Hi all,

    I have in almost final phases of development a replica of PWM (panzerwurfmine) from WWII which was used against tanks at close range. My paintball, light and safe version works best at around 15 - 20 meters. Now on events when there are tanks and specialist AT teams, would regular infantry find something similar useful? It has short range and HAS to be thrown in high arc and impact vertically. I'm not sure whether finishing this project is worth it. The impact cannot be not noticed and some anti-bunker and general AP usage, although rare, is also possible.

    Panzerwurfmine (kurz) prototype tested. Effective range is 15-20 meters and it has to be thrown in high arc (unless it won't stabilize). Does it still look u...

    Thanks for your opinions.
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    Insurance might be a problem if you want this used at fields or events. The first question will be "what happens if it lands on someone's head." It sounded like it landed with a good thump. Would you be comfortable with that landing on the top of a 10 y/o's head? That's what insurance companies care about, especially because humans are awful throwers under stress. At military hand grenade ranges, instructors religiously practice saving people from missed throws. And the throw is simply to clear a wall that you can touch the top of with your free hand. Humans suck at throwing things consistently,

    If it's safe to land on the top of the head of a child, then this could absolutely be marketable. Mil-Sim and scenario people love stuff like this. You can market it as a paintball Molotov cocktail. I know it's a better simulator for hand-thrown anti-tank grenades (they were a thing), but "Molotov" might be catchier.


      Alright. I will make some testing. I'm testing all my stuff on myself anyway. But I'm glad to hear scenario people might like this.


        I absolutely 100 percent appreciate all the stuff you make and deploy in games. Wish I was able to make one of these games you are at.


          test a set of goggles and see what happens looks like it has some weight to it. if it knocks goggles off of dummy or damages the goggles in any way no go.


            Really this depends on the event.

            I play Oregon supergame every year and this would be pointless there regardless of insurance. The way they score tank eliminations is they have big nets on each side of the tank, you have to get your rocket into the nets to score an elimination. Throwing over the top wouldn't do anything

            And they specially said you can't throw rockets into the nets

            That said, you won't really know if organizers will allow this without having it for them to test. So I wish you luck

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              Think about the actual technical application of this type of 'ordnance' vice the standard anti-tank weapon (HPA-fired Nerf Dart/rocket). For lobbing, you need to be close to the target and behind hard cover (not just relative to the tank but, also to supporting infantry). In urban conflicts, this is often the case where there are large, multi-level buildings that can't be quickly cleared by supporting infantry, and narrow streets with high walls on either side. Most paintball fields at most, have smaller, single-story buildings that are easily cleared (sometimes just with the tank itself).

              Additionally, scenarios should already be balanced with the number of tanks corresponding to the number of rocket launchers allowed on the field. Adding this product into the mix would have to be factored into the scenario.
              Originally posted by Tom Kaye, in response to FS price critics:

              Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.
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