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TiPX / TPX / TCR Firing Cycle Animation

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    TiPX / TPX / TCR Firing Cycle Animation

    Does anybody have one they can share? Thanks.

    Hmm I'm surprised there isn't one on ZDSPB. I think they're all blow forward spool-ish type guns, but I wasn't able to find an animation with some quick Googling.
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      Thanks for trying. Iā€™m pretty sure I understand the cycle but was hoping for an animation to confirm. All I found via Google was an old pbnation post with a dead link to an animation.


        I'd like to see this too. The firing cycle of the flex valve has eluded me thus far.


          I've looked, haven't found one.

          Look at the automag, that's what the flex valve is based on anyway. the major difference is instead of the sear there's a chamber enclosing the stem on the bolt. That chamber does not have air at rest. Part of the action of the on/off is to put air in that chamber which pushes the bolt forward, after that the firing cycle is the same

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            How's this chicken scratch for something to start with? Probably not showing all the steps, but it should get the point across. Remember, it's 3D, so I can't show all the air passages in a single cross-section. I'm too lazy to do the hidden lines properly. Also, I repositioned the input line for clarity.