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What is the coolest marker you owned, but never used in a game?

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    What is the coolest marker you owned, but never used in a game?

    What is the coolest marker you owned, but never used in a game? Another thread got me thinking about what I have never owned, but wanted. Not a lot really... but that led me down the path, of "Oh, yeah, I had one of those. Never played a game with it. Never even fired it" So, maybe this is the embarrassing admission thread...

    Anyway, here goes. The coolest marker I owned but never took on a playing field: Nasty Hurricane.

    There are actually several markers like this because I amassed a decent collection at one point, mostly after I stopped regularly playing paintball. Honorable mentions: Rainman custom double barrel PGP, RTP Viper, RTP Viper Rifle, PPS Blazer, every Carter Comp I owned (3!), several really cool private label Autocockers. The good news is that there are quite a few markers I did actually play with as well. But still, I can't believe how utterly unused some of my markers were.

    I had a few guns loaned to me from out of state friends to play around with of the 3 that were sent the only one I used in a game was a black Dynasty Luxe that was loaned to mean for a few months (3-4). I never even shot the Philly All American Luxe (had for about 2 months). And as much as owner wanted me too, i would not use it in a game even though i had it for 9 months was an Original Gmax Shocker, I did shoot it in the backyard.
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      None, I use all of my markers at one time or another. Some get used more then others but they all get used.

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        Agreed , it is what they are for.

      Sheridan K1, serial #A00007.


        Apollo LCD Angel with a gorgeous blue to silver fade and a Predator board. It shot beautifully, but circumstances dictated that I sold it before I hit the field with it.
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          In recent memory: ACI Graffiti F4 Illustrator. Such a cool looking gun. Really regret I never used it but hopefully it will see field time with the new owner.


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            really cool looking gun! Got an ultrasonic bath, polished bolt and hammer, new seals and shooting nice with the single trigger. The double trigger needs a new trigger plate with the spring thingy. I'll sell it back to you if you want.

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            Glad it's working out for you! It's a really neat gun but I'm in a downsizing mode now. Hope you enjoy it; it's a very unique gun. Don't see them every day.

          Too many, haha...

          I have obtained cool markers, touched them, maybe shot them with air if lucky, then sell or trade.

          A few cockers some years ago, but most recently a '99 Mini STO with a really cool splash/acid wash ano. I shouldn't have sold it, but I made a good chunk of money off of it.

          M170R/170R. I had thought "I'll rock a cool mech" but got rid of the M170R frame then thought "I'll just rock an electro" but nothing happened with that either.
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          Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
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            There's a bunch I've never used, but my Ice Epic is one I actively won't use, I'm paranoid of it blowing up in my face.

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              Two for me:
              • PGI Mayhem. It never worked quite well enough for me to bring it to the field. Would get a few shots off in the backyard then it would blow up.
              • ULE X-valve mag I had in college right before I took a grumpy hiatus from playing. Sold it for way less than I should have because I was pissed at paintball and just wanted to get rid of everything. One of my top three marker-related regrets.
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                Right now, my Pimp. It's a process. Lol.

                I put together a nice clean Trilogy pump that I sold before I played with. And an Automag with a single trigger Y-grip that I sadly never took the time to assemble/play with before selling. My ZAP is on the chopping block, and I never played with it, either.
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                  Chris Shank's Spine Prototype or the Ma-Deuce-A II build I did. The Chris Shank's Spine was one of the prettiest markers I've ever seen, with the best ano job. It literally looked wet with the purple pool bottom style ano. Gorgeous gun. The Ma-Deuce-A II Build was just flat out nasty. It also had a Zero B on it, and could fly. Even for me, that was overkill, and I was honestly concerned about over-shooting no matter what I did. And The other problem with that double barrel can from if the underbore grabbed the paint too much. Pressure will go where there is least resistance---meaning that it could grab paint in one barrel and massively spike in the other---hot shooting unintentionally at crazy levels. I saw this when test firing it. After that, I really didn't want to bring it to a field.


                    the prime guard shotgun, or a couple of the nelspots I recently got. all but one of which will be going to the field with me next season. (my minty nelspot I purchased for collector purposes)

                    never used in a game successfully? my phoenix emag. instant blender with the level 7 bolt it came with. level 10 kit is on its way though, so hopefully I will be using it at the mandalorian scenario at OSG.


                      The Gen 2 Redux that I used to own. Shot it around in the backyard, fully disassembled it, tinkered, but never got around to using it in a game even after multiple trips to the field before I sold it. An awesome marker with a smooth pump stroke and shot beautifully, but it never saw the field while I owned it.


                        Recently purchased a nearly unused Sydarm on eBay. I've only used it for target plinking in the backyard. I can think of a few games where I can use this, but I just, yeah, its too nice. I don't want to be the guy that ruins what I consider a priceless artifact of paintball.


                          For no reason..... Smg68
                          For sad reason...Taso be90, broke the safety latch on the 12 gram chamber.
                          For good reason.... K Rifle, the long Sheridan, it's brand new