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BYOP Fields?

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    Yeah my local BYOP field is probably the worst out of any fields I've been to in New England and New York. APE has been the only place I've had bad days of paintball.

    But sometimes good fields will do byop events to use up that stashed paint.

    Either way, I usually try to at least buy a bag or 2 of paint everywhere I go, even if its a BYOP. It definitely supports the fields.
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      There’s a place local to the Portland OR area called Action Acres that is BYOP. It’s pretty run down and definitely has safety concerns and the lady who runs it is one of the grumpiest people I’ve met. I assume no paint sales = lower income = lower quality experience, but it sounds like other fields have made it work, and I’m glad to hear that.

      Impact Action Sports is a much nicer spot, but they don’t allow BYOP. The GI paint they sell is nice enough though.
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        When good paint was something I could find I preferred byop

        Now I prefer field paint only because it means we're all shooting the same footballs


          The 2 major players in NH are OSG, and AG paintball.... They both offer a BYOP day on the second to last (AG) and last (OSG) Sunday of the month. Those days are exactly what you expect. I often don't play those days because the Quality of self equiped players is generally less classy and more trashy. The facilities are still run top notch, the staff is way above par and the games are good. Occasionally you get someone shooting winter paint in May, or year old Valken that was stored in a navy vessel but by and large the experiences are always good. It also makes for a more target rich environment by making BYOP "special" and limited by doing it one day a month. I think it's a very good business model and also an excellent way to keep people happy. No one wants to hang on to 12 cases of paint.

          The second thing to mention is both of those fields now have self contained restaurants (or food trucks) that make high quality food and offer a great experience so anything to get asses through the door is a good business choice.

          If my rant doesn't make any sense, TLR - Make BYOP a "special" event that can be pursued or avoided as desired and you'll have a good field.


            Before i stopped playing 10 yrs ago every place we played was byop(they had reasonable field paint aswell) , never had any issues. Most were tourny players, this was extreme pb in modesto,ca captial edge in sacramento,ca etc.

            I guess it was just a different time lol, makes me sound old