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Paintball Resolutions for 2021

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    Promote the sport of paintball! We could use more people aware of the game, and in a positive light.


      Play more locally. Fields close by did a lot of updating last year so looking forward to seeing what is new and having some laid back fun.


        Play, if my "local" fields reopen.

        purge my mountain of gear, I have way too much stuff right now


        • Jordan


          Editing a comment
          Looking forward to the sale threads.

        Get out to a couple different fields this year
        finally get to a SC game and use my phantom
        play more pb
        play more pb
        play more pb and drink more mead

        play more pb


          1. Sell under used gear.
          2. Get at least 2 new people to try paintball.
          3. Visit some of the fields in my State that I haven't played at yet.
          4. Have more fun.


            1. Make it to an event and play; didn't quite make it to SPE in 2020.
            2. Tech my gear and fix any leaks I need to chase.
            3. Finish one of my 2 ano projects sitting in parts. <- Hopefully I can take care of one this spring.


              1. Play more.
              2. Finish the unfinished.
              3. You'll see.


                1. Play at least monthly/every 1.5 months.
                2. Get the Cockers up and running.
                3. Get the Matrices up and running.
                4. Sell a few markers to free up some space.


                  Play, 2020 shut me out. First time in 20+ years I got zero field time.

                  Reduce my stake in the anodized aluminium market from impossible to improbable.

                  Finish off the project guns.


                    Ano the some mags...

                    Play even more (played alot 2020)

                    Tune the DAM (arriving back from ano)

                    Try not to destroy my other knee


                      Goal #1 get bacci day to happen by not communicating with anyone, and just hoping it does, cuz no pressure. Thanks Coronavirus
                      Goal #2 get SPEW to happen using same methods
                      Goal #3 attend both events.


                      • SETHZILLA!


                        Editing a comment
                        See you at both this year. (Fingers crossed)

                      -Play more
                      -Play more with friends
                      -Try new fields


                        1.) Play
                        2.) Get rid of gear that doesn't see the field


                          Hit the field with my Walzmas brass gun from Mr. WALZ!
                          Give away starter guns to new players at my local field.
                          Get my 10 year old son to step up and move from 50 cal to 68 cal.
                          Give a co-worker a fleet of ACI Griffins so his family can play on their 62 acres. (....and invite my family along to play😁)
                          Buy and setup a cheap 4500psi compressor for filling my own tanks for gunsmithing and outlaw games ^
                          Fix and sell the bunch of mech markers i have in my garage.
                          Sell off the extra equipment i will not use and MCB members want.
                          Try to buy the rest of the unicorns from my WGP wishlist.
                          "What could go wrong?" - Sethzilla!

                          Member of Worr Boyz pump paintball team

                          Playing since 1986: Stock, Pump, Mech, Electro, tourney, but now mostly rec.


                            Don't suck.
                            cellophane's feedback