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Paintball Resolutions for 2021

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    Buy a field membership
    Play once a month
    Get to a big game in Michigan (Hell Survivors)
    Keep 3 guns, sell the rest maybe.


    • ChoSanJuan


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      Did you make it to Michigan yet? Might I suggest Michigan Monster Game? It's in about 1 month. Plenty of time to get your gear in order!

    • ATBen


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      I've been trying to get there for 2 years now! Hopefully I can get a jump on my second dose and just fly through customs on my way. If not, I beleive they have a big game in October I'll try to make it to. Hells is only a 2.5 hour drive new place too.

    RISE UP OLD THREAD! Let's revisit our paintball resolutions for the year. Have you managed to cross any off the list?

    I've actually managed to complete mine, with only one piece outstanding due to it not being available currently. I've got the money set aside for it though.


      I went out for Father’s Day, so I did play so far once this year. Monster Game will count as two, so it’s well on the way to the goal of five days or more out.


        I've been out twice this year, heading out this weekend.... so I'm playing more at least.

        Sold a couple things, bought a couple things... might sell a couple more, just waiting for USPS to normalize a bit. Going on week four waiting for my pump Ion frame to arrive, finally cleared Customs after 12 days.


        • Cdn_Cuda


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          Wow, that’s a long sit in customs. I’ve order a few things from the States and sold to the States and nothing got held up that long in customs.

        Originally posted by ATBen View Post
        Buy a field membership
        Play once a month
        Get to a big game in Michigan (Hell Survivors)
        Keep 3 guns, sell the rest maybe.
        Bought one at Flag Raiders
        Did it at Flag Raiders, Wasaga, Ultimate, and Combat Pursuit from June to October.
        Trying to do it (c'mon second dose appointment!)
        Horribly failed, I now have 16 markers and 2 stingrays on the way.


          Originally posted by Meleager7 View Post
          1.) wean the collection a bit and sell a few guns
          2.) play D-Day big game, Commando Paintball, Ottawa , ON - i have been trying to make it to this game the last 4 years.....was so close this 2020, but they cancelled it
          3.) play PRZ ( old military base, mental hospital field, apparently very immersive experience! )
          4.) find a field that will allow us to bring our .50 cal spyders, and play as walkons with other .50 cal groups ( this has ended up being surprisingly hard to pull off! )
          5.) learn how to take better pictures of paintball guns, my shots always have too much shadows, and high glare on the shiny bits ( from what I have seen on here, one trick to nicer shots is take the pictures outside in natural light and propping the guns up on wooden objects seems to benefit in some weird way too )
          1.) Bought a Spyder, sold a Spyder. I've even steven!
          2.) They cancelled D-Day....AGAIN!
          3.) PRZ still on the Radar.....
          4.) Wasaga Beach Adventure Park will allow .50 cal gun owners to play with other .50 cal renters, but it's pricey ! Great field though!!!
          5.) My pictures still suck. I need to find me some good firewood.


            I've sold some aluminum. Not enough, but some.


              Play at least once this year. So far not looking good...


                Mine are to keep playing at least once a month like I have been, and don't get anymore injuries while playing (fingers crossed). I also am trying to concentrate on playing smarter and being patient, instead of pretending to still be twenty.


                  I just want to play this year. Been a long time. Was hoping to get out before the august big game at wasaga. But that may not happen since locally there’s no where to play with flag raiders gone and time is on premium these days.

                  but regardless at least I will get out in august.
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                  • Meleager7


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                    Glad you made it out TB ! I'd say the 1vs1vs1 speedball field free for all was a highlight. It sucks thought that those 2 speedballer jerks were ruining the vibe by lighting up the renters ( and Jordan and I ) . Yelling at the them didn't work , I think it just made their behaviour worse. The Ref was not taking charge either. Not sure how to deal with that issue. Anyhow, if we make another trip to Ultimate, hopefully they won't be there next time!

                  • Tinybear
                    Tinybear commented
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                    I agree had a blast. Thanks again for having me. Was really nice playing again. And playing with like minded individuals made it even better.

                    Those guys were just sad. I don’t see people like that remaining in the sport for long. Money can’t buy skill and if you need to cheat and bonus ball the hell outa renters and pump players and then Still loose lol they won’t be very happy and will quite in short order. If it makes ya feel better I did here the Ref talking to them while I was airing up my last tank. But it was more of a hey don’t be a d1ck chat than. If you act out again you’re outa here.

                  • Meleager7


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                    Yeah, it felt good to tell the the one guy off, and then it felt even better to shoot him out later, with a couple bonus balls for good measure....but like only two extra, ‘cause i’m an MCB gentleman!

                  I didn't post it, but my resolution was to play at more different fields in my area and to use my collection and purge what I don't use.

                  I have been playing lots and at different places, but I've been collecting more than I was hoping to.

                  Watch for sales threads
                  💀Keeper of the Ointments, Ragnastock💀


                    I am trying my best not to continue impulse buying cool mag shit. Trying to stay away from buy/sell in general. I have a bag and tote full of stuff I am not using.


                      Originally posted by Grendel View Post
                      • Play more, I've played but my wife worries (too much) about me and contracting "the Crud" so I have not played as often due to keeping her sane
                      • Sell off all of my hoarded material and get myself back down to just what I will actually use (several Phantoms to hit the B/S/T soon)
                      • Get back to having everything in one bag (preferably a backpack) that I need to play and keep it ready
                      • Finish my Mini-Mag project so I can play mechanical semi-auto games
                      • Finish my HPA bottle recharging setup
                      • Not played at all yet
                      • Sold off next to nothing and moved the remainder from MA to SC
                      • Paintball stuff in 4 Action Packers, 2 Extra Large Moving Boxes, 5 Tool boxes and 2 Paintball Bags currently
                      • Not sure where my Mini-Mag Project is????
                      • I have an HPA bottle recharging setup started????
                      Yup doing great, following pretty much every resolution example I have tried. >.<
                      Last edited by Grendel; 06-24-2021, 03:48 PM.
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                        Originally posted by glaman5266 View Post
                        These two, mainly-

                        - Acquire some gondola racking to store/display my stuff.

                        - Buy an Angel. Would love one for my wall.
                        I have an Angel. Needs work though.

                        I don't have the gondola racking yet. I might not need it though. The wife said I can move my pb stuff upstairs once we get some closet purges done & I have some shelving I am content with.
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