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Late to the mechanical party (as usual)

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    I've resisted (so far) putting a lot into mine. I got the adjustable Emach trigger and I like it better than the stock, mostly since it felt smoother pulling. I also got a pops asa so I could quickly get my tank off but that's it. I like the fancy body kits and such but there's really no need for them. I hate to spend $125+ additional on a $250 gun. Plus it works so great I hate to mess with it.

    Why do people prefer the non-pal versions?
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    • Jordan


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      I think Non-PAL bodies allow a variety of feednecks to be used vs. the PAL version you're stuck with because it's a weird shape.

    • iamthelazerviking
      iamthelazerviking commented
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      What Jordan said. Personally I find the PAL feedneck bulky/ugly. And just won't ever use the PAL system anyway.

    It's great to intentionally add greater control to the arsenal. What's just as fun is removing that control again after a year or two, and feeling completely unconstrained. Scaling back to a Phantom or STBB for a couple years was awesome. Trying a modern gun after that was also awesome.

    Variety - the spice of life!


      Originally posted by Cyberpyr8 View Post

      Why do people prefer the non-pal versions?
      I know the Pinokio Speed will not seat in the Pals feedneck. There may be other loaders that don’t fit either.

      My spire IR fits looser in my Pals Emek than my buddy’s IR in his first gen, so maybe there are also slight ID differences? Maybe less clamp torque? Not sure.

      There are a couple aftermarket aluminum feednecks that “delete” the pals part though.


      • Cyberpyr8
        Cyberpyr8 commented
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        That makes sense. Those Pinokio feednecks are the thickest of any hopper I have ever owned. I could see that being a problem with it.

      PB Gateway has a selection of those feednecks that are full metal as mentioned about. Also Super Stanchy Customs has them as well.


      • lew


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        Take a look at thread I started about PB Gateway where I and others have relayed our recent experiences with them before ordering. They don't appear to have their act together.