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What barrel do you use?

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    What barrel do you use?

    possibly looking for a new barrel / kit... what do you guys run and how do you like it?

    I have been using a freak barrel since 2004. I go back to a Dye UL large bore when in doubt of local paint. Or if using a CCM pump, I will use the CCM barrel with sizers, just because it matches. I had a hammerhead kit I liked a lot, but it was heavy.


      I'm fond of Lapco and Dye barrels, but honestly I don't care that much these days.
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        I’ll put an Ultralite on just about anything. I don’t think there’s a ton of improvement that can be done to that design.


          Lapco .684 micro shot with .680 or .676 sizer in front as needed. This is on my sniper. The open bolt semis are mostly stock barrels or a dye one peice


            If I'm not using my Prime I'll run either a Dye barrel with a Freak insert back from Master Sconi or a Stella barrel. The Sconi back is great. It is threaded for Dye barrels on the tip and takes a standard Freak insert. Doesn't look like he has any on his site at the moment though. I really like the Stella kit, although I wish there were a few more sizes available.
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              Silencio on my PE shaft (Hehe) for my CS2
              FXL Silencio tip on my Freak XL luxe back for my X
              12” FiburX8 with cocker/ion/phantom adapters For my WGP black magic/Mech Ion/Under Cock phantom

              If I had to fck/marry/kill I'd marry the FXL Silencio on the Luxe XL

              Also run a Inception Stella W/Freak XL back when I am letting people borrow the Apex tip adapter for that for my AGD Q-Bow but I haven't gotten around to rocking an XL bore with an apex tip as it's over kill.....really just did it because it was the cheapest way to put a apex tip on.


                With my Planet Eclipse markers I use the stock Shaft barrels.

                With my autocockers I typically use WGP Kaner kits. They look nice and come in a decent array of bore sizes and lengths.


                  Deadlywind barrels

                  I like the fixed bore with free dummy detent rings for cockers and snipers

                  on my phantom I have a freak insert deadlywind because the detent rings aren’t as strong for that but I will still try it if I ever play again


                    Deadly winds fibur (spelled just like that)

                    Now they have moved on to the fibur-x. It's the same barrel but with interchangable breach threading

                    The only CF barrel series to use Smart Parts Freak inserts. Fibur-X now with swappable threads.

                    Absolutely love it, it feels like there's nothing on the front of your marker.

                    They also make the fibur-x8 which uses the xl freak inserts

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                      i like my barrels short. 10" or less if i can. i can run a 12 but anything more is too long. i do have a 14in on my blue raptor though. SS or chrome finish preferably, but its really about aesthetic over all.


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                        Editing a comment
                        I always thought 14 inches was unnecessary after I ran one for a little while

                      I’ve been using a freak, slight underbore. I’d prefer to use the 8” freak inserts but haven’t been motivated enough to make the change.


                        Lurker Barrel kit....who knew a cheap kit would end up being good!

                        If not that then dye ultralites or one pieces


                          Freak xl kit, dye ti boomy, or a 21in j&j when looking to make people laugh at the field


                            Have always been one to play around with barrels. I love Lapco products. Honestly out of the box no other barrel.manufacturer matches their bore finish.

                            Now that being said. Im also personally fond of the parabolic barrels. Surface fimish isnt astounding, and Ive seen a few tooling flaws, but his stepped bore,and porting designs are awesome.

                            I personally saw a ~20fps imcrease going from a matched og stainless .684 freak to a patabolic .685 barrel on my rsx.

                            Outside of those two, it comes down to marker asthetics. Though I have personally found carbon fiber barrels to shoot meh.

                            And I cant foeget. The dye series barrels also shot really well in my expierence.