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What barrel do you use?

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    Dye UL, Regular old Freak or one of my Lapco barrels.
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      I use my freak XL Carbon barrel and my Sly carbon barrel. I love the light carbon barrels. The sly is great and I have several backs for it but I added the Freak to see if the longer control bore made a big difference. I haven't seen any but I like having the Freak and inserts because I have more of them and can get a better match. Both lighten the gun over aluminum barrels by quite a bit. Everyone that holds my guns notice the difference. I shoot 16" barrels since I aim better with them. There's something that I see better with the longer barrel.
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        Older style freak with all american tip. No complaints


          Usually I go with my og freak kit with an Empire 14" tip, sometimes I break out the old 12" J&J if I'm having bad luck with paint. Its alot easier to clean a one piece
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            I've had the Stella kit before and recently obtained a marker that came with one which is what I'll be using for the foreseeable future. Great kits.
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              Mostly using a Stella with the carbon fiber tip and stainless/brass freak inserts. I have the set of Stella backs, but I prefer the granularity of the freak inserts. With my MVP I use a dw fibur barrel because I prefer a 12" on it. Makes the overall length more like a cocker with a 14".


                Whatever barrel is aesthetically appealing that is reasonably straight, preferably one with Wedgits and ID of 0.684 but I have barrels that use inserts too. Paint is a bigger determining factor then barrel. I like to overbore slightly with Wedgits or nail polish detent or tape detent in the barrel.

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                  I think pretty much everyone is aware that barrels do very little for accuracy. I used a chrome-plated barrel that was flaking inside that shot perfectly straight. That said, there are lots of other things to consider when choosing a barrel. Sound, weight, efficiency, style, price, adaptability to other markers, storage and transport, cleanability, durability, extra functions, rollout prevention, and maybe more that I can't think of right now. I'm really happy with the stock barrel off a Diablo Wrath LTD that I throw on most of my markers. It's 14", 1-piece, ~.689 bore, aluminum, and lightweight. It's very minimalistic. But I do have roughly a dozen barrel kits, and probably 20 more one-piece barrels I have accumulated and kept because I will use different ones on different markers because I think they look good, and most of them just sit and look pretty on the wall anyway.

                  So the real question is, what do you need your barrel to do? Does it need to stop roll-outs on a closed bolt system? Do you have a case you want it to fit into? Do you have different threaded markers that you would want to adapt a full kit to? There is some snake oil out there, but even the barrels with snake oil still work really well. There are HUNDREDS of GOOD or even GREAT options, and it will come down to preference, but you can narrow it down some by establishing some needs and discounting factors that don't matter or things you don't like.
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                    I use an old-style Freak kit on all of my guns, but I also have a Freak XL that I've yet to use. I'd love to use all my All American Shocker barrels, but they're all .689" {except for the .684" I just got}.
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                      Mostly Freak kits, have an old stainless back + an aluminum back and tips ranging from 12-14" as well as a 16" FiburX tip. Also 1 piece GOG carbon barrel for standard Freak inserts. Just got a Freak XL setup that came with Shocker XLS. Can't tell the difference in standard vs. XL accuracy. Really like the carbon barrels on the modern guns as they're so light. And I like the Freak inserts because I prefer to underbore and shoot through breaks (plus have an autococker).

                      Also have an Aradus adjustable bore barrel - nice to be able to quickly adjust bore, not that I use it much.

                      As others have said, it's mostly aesthetics and unless paint is breaking, no difference in accuracy so I'll use stock barrels a lot too.


                        I have tried hundreds of different kinds of barrels and as many have already said no noticeable difference in accuracy or range unless extremely under or over bored. As long as they are 12-16” and match the paint in size decently they all shoot about the same. Some are easier to clean, some are slightly quieter, but not a night and day difference that I have ever seen. I think paint quality and paint age make a bigger difference in accuracy.
                        having said that I prefer dye, freak and freak xl, and Lapco. And really it comes down to which one looks the best on that marker that day for me as long the bore matches the paint size reasonably well. The deadly winds are nice also, just sold them all long ago, and never bought new ones. Most of my markers except the phantoms are heavy tanks (cocker,mags,spiders and VM’s) so weight isn’t really a consideration for me, plus I am more used to carrying a rifle around the brush so paintball markers seem light to me anyways.
                        get what you like, most barrels now days are damned good barrels, and for the price I think Lapco’s are hard to beat.



                          PE Freak Barrel back/front
                          PE Freak XL Barrel back/front
                          PE Shaft FL Kit


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                          Freak bored a number of old and magic barrels I collected as a youngin

                          CCM Barrel kits for the T2/S6.5


                            I use a Lapco 681 on my Phantom and it's better than I am.
                            For my Millenium, I've used a stock barrel with a Lapco 685 size, a J&J ceramic with the same, and recently picked up a J&J kit for old times' sake.
                            The cocker threaded guns (Sentinel, Torque, 07 Cyborg) it's a rotation between a CP .679, Matchstick .685, or J&J kit.

                            I like the sound of the highly ported barrels, and the neutral appearance. I really could go for a more quiet barrel on the Phantom but the Lapco shoots so well...


                              my barrel backs were bored for the freak inserts. Keep it all looking stock.


                                Inception Stella, on everything. Pump, Emek, MG100, ProLite.

                                Lied, everything but the Phantom, unless is snag a Cocker threaded body