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What barrel do you use?

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    PPS brass freak bored
    WGP tactical Kaner freak bored WGP bull freak bored Phantom barrel

    Canuck Custom Magnesium freak bored
    Sheridan brass
    PPS brass


      Mostly freak (the old one). I dont really care if the barrel matches the gun colorwise..


        I usually use whatever came with the gun, inserts if needed.

        For my Sniper I have a Lapco Bigshot and I love it. Loud and accurate. It says “Cocker” on it which is just idiotic (like putting a decal of a shrink ray gun on a shrink ray gun) but I have no other complaints.


          Not a specific barrel but if it has a continuous bore, I'm usually a fan.

          That being said, I use a Lapco .684 often on my pump stuff and a CP .684 on my blowbacks.


            2 of my guns are fixed barrel so yea. The others I use a short pipe barrel on my eNMEy, my CCM barrel kit on my trilogy and a freak barrel that came with my imp. My SS gift ER2S is also modified to use freaks so in summation either pipe barrel, CCM or freak though I also have a lurker eigenbarrel in .678 that is good for a once piece.
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              I use a freak system on both my guns. I have a standard freak back with a Deadlywind tip on my Trilogy, and a Shaft FR on my CS1. I'd use the standard freak on my CS1 as well, but the Shaft FR I have matches the splash ano on the gun, so.


                I'm well out of date on my barrel usage (haven't bought a new barrel in 10+ years now) but my go-to barrels are Deadly Wind carbon barrels with freak inserts. I've got a couple regular Freak barrels as well. I picked up a MacDev Matchstick kit recently that I need to try out, but alas I am out of air yet again.
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                  Lapco one-piece aluminum.

                  Usually the autospirit model. Also recommend the tightstick if you need smaller than that (or microshot)


                    Since I'm old school and stick to what has always worked well, I shoot an OTP G-1 on anything I can put it on. I've been shooting one over half my life.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      you always have neat old stuff!


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                    • Mr. Hick

                      Mr. Hick

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                      The blinds look a little like commercial recessed lighting and for a HOT MINUTE I thought you found a way to magically keep your barrels on a wall with no fasteners, hooks or anything. it messed me up.

                    That is the largest collection of marital aids I’ve ever seen.


                      I used a 14 inch Inception Designs Stella. They are built well, and made my marker noticeable quieter. But I'm unsure that it was necessary.

                      I switched to a 10 inch one piece CP for my automag, and for my pump I use the stock barrel with a .683 lapco spacer.


                        I use
                        -Deadlywind barrel with standard size Stainless and Brass Freak inserts
                        -Freak bored WGP Kaner barrel
                        -Planet Eclipse Shaft 4/5 barrel
                        -Planet Eclipse Shaft FR insert barrel
                        -Inception Designs Freak Ready barrel

                        Lately, I have been experimenting with the .689 bore stock Planet Eclipse shaft barrel from my gMek on all my markers (pumps, autocockers, planet mechanical markers). I have used 3D printed wedgits with the closed bolt markers. After studying the Paintball barrel test on PbNation by Mann, watching RNTLee barrel testing, and Dan on That Paintball Channel, I have been testing out overboring.

                        I am planning to pick up the Shaft FL Silencio barrel, Dye UL-S, and Palmer’s Pursuit Shop Barrel to
                        Test for loudness (decibels) and pitch (hertz) to see which is the quietest setup.


                          My favorite barrel is a basic 16 inch CP one piece that I sent to get bored for Freak inserts. I have a couple other one piece CPs and an old two piece system X Aluminum barrel in .689. CP barrels are just simple and work really well. I used to run one on a BT Tracerr and it turned it into a tack driver.


                            Dye Boomstick. The old two-piece ones that were glued together seem to be magic for me. I buy them up whenever I see them for sale. I have three of them now. Heavy, but seems to work like magic for me.