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Palmer’s Pursuit Shop Barrels

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    Originally posted by Stilgar View Post
    I have no science to add.
    Neither do I!


    I've had 11" .690 unported, 12" .685 single spiral ported, 12" .690 dual ported and 8" .690 unported and, while I prefer the .685 single-port, they have all shot great.
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


      The inside of the barrel on my Palmerized P68sc looks like it was honed with a rasp shoots lasers! PPS has some weird voodoo magic in that brass


      • Cunha
        Cunha commented
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        That is truly unusual. Some honed barrels have sort of wave pattern or ripple look but they are smooth. I have never seen a palmer honed barrel that is actually rough inside.

      • gabe
        gabe commented
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        I'll have to get a picture of it. It's very much a hard cross hatch inside that barrel. PPS also managed to dent the feed tube with their body holding fixture as well. Still shoots great.