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Anyone else getting pmed by Scammers using Tapatalk?

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    Anyone else getting pmed by Scammers using Tapatalk?

    Anyone else getting pmed by random scammers using Tapatalk from obscure third world brand phones replying to WTB threads?

    I just got pms over the last couple of days from two different completely new accounts both using Tapatalk from obscure third world brand phones replying to my "WTB: cci L-stock" asking for my email and sending me pics of random phantoms off google images.

    Just wanted to see if it was happening to anyone else and to also give a heads up

    No not yet

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      It's been a problem on the site. First I have heard about it with tapatalk but I suppose it's not surprising.
      we do have a thread we have been using to report them.
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        Sounds like one person doing it if the messages are the same

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        I use Tapatalk which does NOT display comments. If you want me to see it, make it a post not a comment.



          I had someone report it to me via email and I banned the scammer. If you get a 0 post person PMing you about a sale, do not bite. Report it and we will vet/take care of it. Only deal with trusted members here. If you want to sell it to just anyone, please use eBay as there are protections there also.

          Scammers will always find a way. Be vigilant and be smart.
          I am the admin...


            funnycyborg Did it today
            Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.


              Post the spammer account name here

              Got same message from two new user, sure they are SPAM Maxwellwlater mcjohnscott