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What's your favorite pump handle?

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    Long sheridan ribbed for our hand pleasure~
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      Favorites of mine have always been the CCM Clone Kidneythief made me, the Elite Battle Pump, The Reconslide and of course the Desert Duck slide

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        Either the Vendetta style or T2. The over barrel phantom feels good too, but the first two are super solid in my hand.

        Have to say, those ODM handles look great.


          I've always liked the one on my Typhoon.
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            Sheridan knurled aluminum handles are the classic choice. For a semi-modern choice, I haven't used anything I liked better than a Punisher's Customs single-rod Phantom undercocking kit. I unfortunately can't find any pictures, but it was like a slightly streamlined classic WGP Sniper II handle.


              The CheckIt cocker pump kits had a nice grip with o-rings, pretty comfy. I like the pump on my super stocker a lot, the pump STROKE on the other hand...
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