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Paintball lubricant applicator

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    Hold up, that second photo, what marker is that?

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    • Mr. Hick

      Mr. Hick

      Editing a comment
      I was going to say an older style AX, but it has that weird snatch grip on the end. maybe a DP marker?

    Depending on the grease properties, it may be an insulator. But Id imagine it has dielectric properties if meant for switches it could potentially be conductive.

    The cost and application are both plausable to me. Some of those guys are flying helicopters, teathering to the HV lines, doing switch work, and unteathering all while floating a chopper. This allows them to swoop in, pew, pew, pew, and move on. Total game changer for the right industry.

    The second marker looks like a gsl back cap, or the like non limited PE marker. Maybe a gtek?


      Of all the things I could think of.... The idea of cleaning a Chop in a marker after using Petro-based grease paintballs is heavily disturbing.