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Nelspot 707 Restoration

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  • moving_target
    Love it

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  • Rainmaker
    Awesome! Looking really good, man.

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  • Hector the Collector
    Very nice!

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  • wthomas333
    started a topic Nelspot 707 Restoration

    Nelspot 707 Restoration

    I was able to put my 707 that I got a few months ago all back together yesterday. Didn’t turn out absolutely perfect as I’ve never reblued a gun before and there was some pitting in the metal I just couldn’t sand away, but overall I’m pretty satisfied. Might end up redoing the frame with a different finish at some point as some of the paint already chipped.

    I put a 12 gram into it expecting to chase a leak or two and to my surprise it worked flawlessly. Here are the before and after pics and a pic of it with its little brother. Thanks again to Rainmaker for making me the spacers which worked perfectly.

    Click image for larger version

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