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Sellers remorse

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    I regret selling a few markers: my first SP ion build, gen one invert mini setup, Nelspot 707... but the one I regret selling the most is the CCM S5 project that I built up. It was a very smooth shooter with a lot of character. If the current owner decides to sell it one day I would love a chance to purchase it back.

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      The only one I wish I could shoot again was the pneucocker I built from a trilogy SF ...
      that thing was smooth ... And I sold it for $100 when they were not worth much ...
      I would never buy one at current price, but I would jump on a dead one and build another ...

      This makes me reluctant to sell my brass without something else I want to buy ready to go ... Even if I only end up playing with a handful of guns ...
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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        I’ve sold a few that I wanted to buy back for years, but now I’m just glad to have owned them at one point. One of these days I need to go through some old backup drives to find pics.

        Once upon a time I had an E1 Worrlock in tequila sunrise ano with Zero B board, front block with integral vert ASA, and a matching Kaner kit that had all possible backs and fronts. I traded it for a Toxic Matrix that started me down the path to owning the only other marker that makes this list; a gloss black Tequila Sunrise Matrix with gold bolt, Tadao 5.0, AKA regs, and AK-47 vollys.